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The use of your mind is the prelude to the usefulness of your life. Thoughts are potent forces that translate into reality. Consequently, what you think about or dwell upon in your mind should not be taken casually lest you become a casualty. Right thinking must become a priority if a fulfilling life must become your prerogative. Positive thoughts create a life of positivity and possibilities. Negative thoughts produce energy of negativity and limitations.

Years of wrong thinking can’t be corrected overnight. There is no quick-fix strategy for reconditioning the mind. To win the battle over years of wrong thinking you must be absolutely committed to changing your mind, one thought at a time by practicing a new and higher level of thinking until it becomes your habitual way of thinking. Never give up and never give in to defeat.

To deal with wrong thinking you must make a personal decision to change. Change does not occur because you are tired of circumstances or conditions of life but rather change begins when you make a committed decision to change. To decide to change you must want to change. Remember, change is a process and not an event; it is a lifetime and lifestyle process of becoming better each day. Change cannot be effected in life without desire.

The extent of the desire to change determines the extent of change effected. Little desire will yield little changes; great desire will result in great changes. Until deep-rooted desire is in place your place of change is not secured. Knowing or admitting your need to change would never change your mind because it is just an acknowledgment by your head or intellect.

However, desire is from the heart and when desire grows to become a burning desire or an obsession to change, then you become unstoppable in your growth process. The more intense the desire the faster will be the inside-out changes and growth you experience. When desire is in place you begin to enjoy the process of mind change.

Changing your mind and keeping it changed then becomes an adventure; a discipline to be enjoyed rather than a task to be endured. When you are driven by a strong desire to change then change becomes inevitable and your “want to” creates the desire to change.

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