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The ability to do more with the limited available time positions you to succeed consistently.High achievers know that they have overwhelming workload but with limited available time for execution. Consequently, they recognize that they have to develop their ability to prioritize; delegate and focus on the most important tasks and activities that will yield the greatest return on their energy and time and the greatest gain on the success journey.

High achievers stretch themselves to the limit in order to break the limits that stop others.The Law of Forced Efficiency states, “The more things you have to do in a limited period of time, the more you will be forced to work on your most important tasks.”

You create the greatest value in life when you focus on the most valuable use of your time at any given moment. And success is a function of value. Therefore, creating an ever-increasing value is producing consistent success.

To achieve your dreams or goals you need to have a plan of action. While your dreams or goals are fixed or do not change but your plans or strategies must be flexible to accommodate the inevitable changes or resistance on success way.

The Law of flexibility states, “Success is best achieved when you are clear about the goal but flexible about the process of getting there.” Review your goals daily and revise your plans by examining or evaluating what is working or what is not working. Resistance or setback is an indication that you may need a course correction. Examine your actions and when necessary change your actions or plans in order to change your course directly to your desired dreams or goals.

Therefore, be flexible in your approach but be rigid in your principles and your dreams; give room for alternatives and options and restrategize in your success journey.

In the race of life, the winner may not be the smartest nor the most talented nor skillful. There is no surer way to lay hold on the prize than through the path of persistence. Down through the pages of history, there is a common denominator found among successful people; the will to keep trying when others gave up. In the path of least persistence is where the crumbs are found. But life may not hand over to you her vault of valuables until it has proved that your commitment is not wavered by the discouragements that are strewn along life’s pathway.


The reward of persistence is not for those who have a short-cut mentality. But it is reserved for those who tenaciously hold on until they experience their quantum leap. Purpose and passion backed up with a definite plan harmonizes to equip the will with the stamina that fashions persistence.


Persistence is your determination to stay at it until you win at it”.

                                 -UDEME ARCHIBONG

In a bid to break open a giant boulder, a stone cutter makes use of a big hammer to hit the boulder with his whole strength. On the 1st hit, the boulder remains intact. He goes ahead to hit the boulder consistently for about 300 times yet there is not a single crack. But the stone cutter knows better, despite that there is nothing evident to show for his effort. He ignores the ridicule of others and persistently keeps hitting the boulder.

         The stonecutter understands that each hit on the boulder mounts pressure and weakens the boulder though there is no outward proof. He keeps on hitting the stone with perspiration, maybe on the 800th hit or more the stone splits in two53. The last hit did not solely make the stone split, but rather the accumulation of all the hits. Therefore, each hit was important.

                     Consequently, every challenge of life gives way when right and wise actions accumulated over a period of time through persistence is applied to it. The pressure mounted on the challenge paves way for the outflow of success. Therefore, your willingness to keep trying is your success guarantee, positioning you for consistent success.

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