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Positioning yourself for consistent success is actually positioning yourself for consistent service.The essence of success is serving others in some way. The world we live in is an interdependent reality; we were designed to serve each other with our gifts; abilities; skills and the investment of our personality.

The Law of Service states, “Your rewards in life will be in direct proportion to the value of your service to others.” Your reward in life is according to the measure or quality of results you produce in your service to others.The value of your service determines the value of your reward. The size of your contribution to life determines the size of your reward in life.

When you do more than you are being paid for, life pays you ahead and beyond. Deliver greater value to your customers and clients. Consistently ask, “How could I serve people better?” When you seek to serve people better and actually serve them better your life becomes better.

Positioning yourself for consistent success entails working harder howbeit in a smarter way.The law of Applied Effort states, “All worthwhile achievements are amenable to hardwork.”

The lazy: the mentally lazy and the physically lazy are deprived of consistent success. Success is feasible when you work harder and work longer hours. However, it is very important to note, it is not just working harder in exclusive terms but also working in a smart way. That implies you must gain the knowledge or find ways in which you can work in the smartest way possible. And to work in the smartest way possible it is critical to work focusing on tasks or activities that produce the greatest value in view of important goals.When your productivity level is ever on the increase, your success level is ever rising.

Mental laziness hinders success. Many people go to jobs they don’t like; barely making ends meet.  At the close of work they engage in unproductive activities; wishing things will change. But things do not change on their own accord; rather we are the ones that need to be changed. Many people go through life with the vision of struggling to survive. Hence, they get crumbs out of life.

The first step to getting the favorable breaks in life is to have a big picture for your life; demanding specific terms and expecting the best from life. You must decide on the problem you want to solve; think through and come up with creative ideas.


Mental work is superior to physical work. In other words, working with your hands without exploring and utilizing the power of your mind will result in barely making a living. By employing your imagination, creativity, and initiative alongside working with your hands, you place a demand on life to release to you a greater reward.

Do not expend most of your time and energy on low-value task or activities which do not serve your important goals. These tasks or activities may be urgent but not important and you must recognize the difference or draw a line between what is important and what is urgent. Your ability to focus on what is important makes you maximize your time and energy in order to produce consistent success.

Concentrate on your work during working time or hours and avoid distractions.Remember, the consistently successful individual takes up more responsibility and works harder and longer in smart ways than the average person.

Taking the extramile route attracts extra rewards from life. The law of Overcompensation states, “If you always do more than you are paid for, you will always be paid more than you are getting now.”

Your future becomes limited to the extent you hoard your ability to do more for others. Your future becomes unlimited to the extent you seek out opportunities to do more for people.

The habit of going the extra mile is an indispensable asset in turning the wheel of fortune in your favor. Truly successful people assume great responsibility; they work longer hours and provide useful service in terms of quantity and quality. Therefore, to get more from life, you need to give more. The habit of doing more than one is paid for with a harmonious attitude will open doors of opportunity and goodwill which enable your growth to the top.

When you exceed the expectation of your customers; clients and people you have dealings with, your reward will exceed that which you expect.

Learn new skills; go for relevant knowledge; invest in your personality so that you could give that “extra” that makes you stand out in all that you do.

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