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Someone once said, “There are two most important days in a person’s life; the day he was born and the day he discovers “why”?”

Until you discover who you are and why you are, you cannot journey in the direction of real and consistent success. The discovery of your purpose on earth and the pursuit or the accomplishing of your purpose on earth sums up to a successful life. And to progressively move in the direction of your purpose is to consistently succeed.

The Principle of Direction states, “Successful people have a clear sense of purpose and direction in every area of their lives. When you live on purpose and for a purpose, you come to terms with success. However, few people live purposeful lives compared to the many that live according to other people’s opinions and expectations; cultural standard; the superficial success trend on social media.

Fulfilling your purpose in life is aligning yourself with God’s plan for your life which equips you to solve practical human problems or to meet human needs. Your purpose on earth is embedded in your contribution to life and taps into your gift, ability or passion.

To live out your purpose you must follow your heart and go with the flow of your gift and passion.

  • You must separate yourself from distracting influences and chattering voices, get by yourself and get to connect to the Divinity within for your life’s purpose and clear direction in life.
  • In these moments of solitude, meditation and spiritual awareness, get inwards to the depth of your being; as you do these keep a pen and a journal or a writing device close by.
  • Write down what you want in life. Decide on what you will stand for and what you will for. Decide the part you will play on the world stage in alignment with the Divine plan.
  • Dig inward to ascertain what you love doing which you could be paid but at the same time,you could voluntarily do it for free. Identify your passion and natural flow in terms of your gifts and abilities.
  • Dig inward to discover the problem you were created to solve for humanity and build your life around it.
  • Decide clearly and specifically what you want in each area of life: set goals; spiritual goals, personal goals, family goals, career goals, financial goals, personal development goals and professional development goals.
  • Develop workable plans for attaining each of these goals. These plans are subject to review and re-strategizing.
  • Get into a space of action. Do something every day that moves you closer towards the accomplishment of your goals.

Input determines output. You get out of life what you put into life. This implies that you alone determine the level and quality of reward you get out of life.

To position yourself for consistent success you must lead a life of consistent and ever-increasing contribution to life. The law of compensation states, “You are always fully compensated for whatever you do, positive or negative.” You determine the harvest you get from life. The quantity and quality of harvest you receive from life is dependent on the quality and quantity of “seeds” you’ve sown into life. And we must be aware that some seeds may take a long term to reap the harvest while others may take short-term or medium-term for the harvest surface.


There is the need to recognize that there are seed times but there are no harvests times. In other words, we are continually receiving the harvest of our actions and even our inaction in an unbroken cycle. Harvests never cease as far as the individual lives. We are not in direct control of our harvests. However, we are in direct control of our seeds or action or contribution. This implies that we determine what kind of seeds we sow; how we sow them and when we sow them into life.

If your life’s harvests till now are undesirable you can effect changes by changing the seeds or the quality and quantity of the seeds sown today onward in order to attract your future desirable harvest. This principle extends throughout all frontiers of life and experiences and shapes success or failure in life.

Be value-driven; be contribution-focused. Increase the quality and quantity of your products and services to meet practical needs. Be constantly on the look-out to give more to life in superior quality and greater quantity to reach more people and you will consistently receive life’s amazing rewards.

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