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The term “Invest” connotes being intentional. No one can invest accidentally or unconsciously. Consequently, to “invest” implies to become intentional or consciously engaging in actions that yield reward or profit. To invest in your relationships is to live in the consciousness of what you think and say and how you say it, in order to yield or produce successful outcome. This means you must become intentional about what you think and what you speak. Your thoughts and words are powerful forces-both can build up relationships or tear down relationships. Your thoughts and words must become integrated.

To appreciate the value of your relationships you must appreciate the value of your words.

The words you express, express the value you have for your relationships.
Words of acceptance cement relationships; words of judgment jeopardize relationships; words of contempt make people contend in relationships. The thoughts and words you give out determine the quality of your relationships. When you speak words of inclusion you experience exclusively satisfying relationships. Words of affirmation of other people’s worth affix their respect and love for you.

Your thoughts and words release positive or negative energy into your relationships and the effect of this energy produces the outcome of your relationships. When your words uplift others, you lift your relationships to a higher level; when your words inspire, you won’t perspire due to relational conflict. To back-bite is to back-fire relationships. Gossip seeps out loyalty from relationships.
Use your words to build up the self-esteem and self-confidence of others. Never pre-judge people before you ever get to know them lest you pre-set the relationship or interaction to fail. People are inclined to live up to your positive expectation of them or live down to your negative expectation of them.

Appreciation and gratitude uplift the quality of relationships and appreciates every other deposit in your relational account.

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