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Do we treat other people with love? Even when they least deserve it? Does our attitude and behavior towards others reflect consideration and respect for their thoughts and feelings? Or are we nonchalant about how they feel? When dealing with people, do we use our hearts, or do we use our heads?

Do we see and treat our spouse and children as royalty, or do we see and treat them as less than worthy? Do we respond with love and humility to the needs of others? Or do we close our hearts to their needs and react with pride? Do we make our home a place of solace and heaven on earth? Or do we make our home a place of conflict and criticism, a competitive arena, where all hell is let loose?

Do we look down at people? Or do we give them something to live up to? Are our hands an extension of God’s hands, touching their lives? Or are our hands an extension of greed, marring their lives? Are we constantly competing with others? Or do we compliment them? Do we see their success as a threat to our own? Or do we see that the sky is wide enough where everyone can fly?
Are our emotional lives and destinies sabotaged by how people treat us? Or do our emotional lives soar above the opinions and treatment of others? Are we channels of blessings? Or are we a reservoir of selfishness? Are we centered on making a living or making a life? Can God count on us to make a difference in human lives? Or can the devil count on us to wreck the difference in human lives?

The key to unlocking these answers is to live by the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Consider the words of Zig Ziglar: “It’s a sobering thought because we hold the key to the future of others. We don’t live alone. Our actions and deeds affect other people, many of whom we will never know.” Therefore, we should let our thoughts; words and actions count.
Get the right attitude towards giving, get to do good for people whether you get paid back or not and watch your life become rewarding; do good for people whether they say, “thank you” or they don’t and your life will overflow with reasons to be thankful. Do good to people as unto God and He will fill your life with an abundance of goodness.

Little acts of kindness can lighten up somebody’s world and also make your light shine so brightly. Go after a need and fill it, and you won’t go after the mundane things of life. Be sensitive to the people around you and be sensible to seize the opportunity to meet their needs in whatever way you can. Listen to what people are saying around you and you will lessen the burden of people around you by helping them out in whatever way you can. Real living necessitates meeting real needs. A good life is filled with good works.

When you are willing to make a difference, your life will be different. Never be too busy to pause and do some good. Never be so caught up in your drive for success without catching up the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of people, lest you cut short your success and drive yourself into misery.

People are hurting become their hope for love and encouragement; people have needs, become a channel to invest in them your time and energy. Be willing to be inconvenienced rather than wallowing in a life of convenience. Take time for people and make your life count.
Love impressed is love expressed and love is expressed through good works.


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