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   In a healthy relationship you feel good about yourself and you also feel good about the relationship and the same applies to the other person. And to experience winning relationships with people everyone involved must feel good about the decision made or a given solution and this is made possible by applying the winning policy embedded in the win/win mindset.

The winning policy depicts a caring attitude and reflects the value you place on another. Can you imagine a husband or wife competing against each other; the husband trying to win at the expense of the wife; or the wife trying to win at the expense of her husband? Both spouse would be playing the losers game-the marriage would be set up for failure.

Agreed a minor part of life is competitive and in such situations low-trust or no-trust is prevalent. However, the holistic view of life is scripted or rooted in the cooperative or interdependent reality and to achieve sustainable success in the domain of life is to consistently seek for a mutual beneficial agenda or solution-It is not about getting my way or your way but it is about getting the higher or better way; It is not about who is right but it is about what is right; it is not about who gets the credit but it is about recognizing the value of the contribution; it is not about exalting self and engaging in actions directed by ego but it is about exalting eternal principles and acting in alignment with eternal principles; it is not about getting ahead of others but it is about getting ahead of your past result or outcome; it is not about being the best but it is about becoming your best; it is not about measuring your success against others but it is about measuring your success against your potentials; it is not about “what’s in it for me?” but it is about “what value can I create in helping others succeed?; it is not about borrowing strength from position, title, or credentials to force compliance on others but it is about developing and drawing the strength of character to influence or persuade another to willingly buy into the solution or idea, feeling good about it due to the high-trust level and respect they have for you  because from their experience with you, you have consistently manifested that you always have their best interest at heart;  it is not about winning at the expense of others but it is about winning with others.   

Engaging the winning policy which is embedded in the win/win mindset is the reserve of those who strike a balance between being empathetic and being courageous enough to confront; between consideration for another and being confident.

Consequently, the winning policy is the best policy in human interactions and relationships; it is either the winning policy is engaged or no deal. Never settle to lose out thereby building up resentment inside and never set up others to lose. However, you can at times opt for a compromise depending on the situation and the relationship involved. But let the winning policy be your aim in all human interactions or relationships.  

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