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The game of life gives us a new definition of winning. Winning is not about getting your own way but rather it is about getting the right way and the way that works for each individual involved. The game of life is played by a different set of rules; it is a cooperative game rather than a competitive game. In the game of life you don’t compete with each other but rather you complement each other. It is not a game of power struggle but it is a game that empowers others. The only person that you should compete with is yourself-to becoming the best version of you, everyday; outperforming your previous performance-outshining your yesterday. It is the winning policy-the win/win mindset.
The winning policy or the win/win mindset is embedded in a paradigm rooted in maturity and it is the key to effective leadership and positive influence. It flows from the agenda that is mutual beneficial rather than a self-serving agenda which is the fruit of immaturity rooted in the scarcity mindset.
The win/win mindset or the winning policy flows from the abundance mentality. You recognize that there are more than enough of all things for everyone and that the human family is a universal team working together for the common good of making the world a better place. Consequently, winning at the expense of another is securing victories that are empty leading to an empty life. You can never be joyful when you deplete the joy of another; you can’t have a high-soaring destiny that is sustained at its ever heightening peak when you pull other people down. In fact, to pull anyone down, you must also be down and not just down but beneath the person.
The universe is full of infinite possibilities. Abundance is the reality of the universe; to catch a revelation of this truth is to revolutionize your life. And that is the basis of the relationship game changer-the winning policy rooted in the win/win mindset.

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