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Your spiritual energy is the source of inner peace and tranquility. Your spirituality gives your life direction and precision. It is the ultimate power source of your entire being that empowers your entire life to function maximally. When your spiritual energy is depleted or you permit the senses to rule over your being, you become weakened and disempowered, operating in a state of dysfunction which impact negatively in the affairs of your life.

Your spirituality is intimately personal but showcases itself in the conduct of your personality; consequently, impacting on the results or outcome in every area of life.

Your spiritual awakening wakes up the desire to examining your motives on a daily basis so that your motives will be based on unconditional love and service. A selfish and corrupt motive defies lasting success and genuine happiness. A selfish or corrupt motive flows from the spiritual energy that has been perverted which attracts negative consequences to a life. A major part of spiritual awakening is educating your conscience and obeying the still small voice within. When your spiritual sensitivity is alert, you have become spiritually awakened and this gives unerring guidance in life.

Meditation on the Scriptures (Bible) draws in spiritual power that delivers all that you require for an extraordinary life. Meditation is to think upon; ponder upon; mutter to oneself; to dwell upon a particular subject matter or truth until insight and revelation is birthed and it is revelation that revolutionizes life.

Prayer which is a spiritual engagement rather than a religious activity infuses spiritual energy that empowers us to function maximally in the domain of life. Prayer is designed to be an unbroken fellowship or communion with God. It is required to set apart a particular period of the day in solitude in engaging in heartfelt fellowship with God. However, we should actually pray through the day in pursuit of our life’s affairs (prayer is actually talking to God as you would to your close friend or a loving father and prayer is also listening to God for His instructions and to follow His leadings.

People who habitually develop their spirituality possess soaring spiritual energy and they live from the inside-out rather than from the outside-in. To live from the outside-in is to live a miserable life; to live from the inside-out is to live with inner peace and an unending parade of victories.

Listening to great music and messages revamps our spiritual energy. Therefore, increasing in spiritual energy requires adequate investment of time daily and the neglect or putting off the investment will cost you the tragic experience of a deteriorating quality of life.     


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