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Until love is internalized, it cannot be externalized and until love is externalized your relationships with people becomes ostracized. You must be your topmost priority for your relationship with people to be of foremost importance. Self-love always precedes self-care and self-care empowers you to care for the people in your relationships. Maximizing your relationships with people is vital for great accomplishments in life which requires positive energy. Positive energy must be generated within you and to generate positive energy you must recharge the power conduit of your entire being. The power conduit of your entire being takes on four kinds of energy.

  1. Spiritual Energy
  2. Mental Energy
  3. Emotional Energy
  4. Physical Energy.

These four kinds of energy determine the quality of your life and the outcome of your destiny. When you daily tend and recharge these four integral dimensions of energy, you self-renew and become empowered to create and sustain succeeding relationships with people.

These four dimensional energy of your being shapes your perspective. And in your relationships with people in all areas of life; these four dimensions shape motivations: Physical/economic/material; mental/intellectual/potentials; emotional-feelings about yourself/how you relate with and treat people; spiritual-the difference you make in the lives of others/your contribution to life.  

Your Spiritual Energy:

You were designed for an intimate connection and daily infilling of spiritual energy from the life-giving Source-God. To ignore or neglect this vital requirement is to self-sabotage. Your spiritual energy is your core energy that impacts positively or negatively on the other dimensions of your being and affects your relationship with others. Your spirituality determines the values you live by and your values shape your conduct.

When you know and experience God’s unconditional love for you, out of that awareness or consciousness you love God with your entire being, there is a Divine infilling of God’s unconditional love in your heart; out of that overflow, love flows from you to others.  However, the infilling of unconditional love in our hearts is not a one-time and a one-off experience but it should be a daily experience if we must have a high and ever increasing level of spiritual energy in order to live out values based upon eternal principles which guarantees a fulfilling life and maximized relationships with people. Therefore, your love for God must daily be recharged or grow and out of that overflow you love others with the same intensity of unconditional love even as you love yourself unconditionally.

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