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Life is an arena of voices that is full of words. The source of our thought is words; the words or the voice that we pay attention to directs and control our lives and consequently forms our destiny.

His father spent most of his time assuring the youngster, “You would never amount to anything”. During his teen years, his father’s words battered his self-esteem and his life took a downward deceleration.

On the reverse, his mother spent most of her life reassuring him that he could be Number-One. “Joey,” said she, “there is no one else in the world like you”. Fortunately, the youngster eventually bought into his mother’s words. And his self-respect took a quantum leap; consequently, his life began to take an upward acceleration.

The youngster grew into adulthood and became a successful person though not an overwhelming success.

Suddenly, the unexpected happened, his business took a downward slide and he was dead broke. His self-confidence nose-dived as fear fastened its grip on him.

However, his lovely wife took him in her arms and said, “Joe, we had nothing when we were first married. Then, for the while, we had everything. Now, we have nothing again. I had faith in you then and I have faith in you now. You can become successful once more. I believe in you”.

With those elevating words, his self-confidence soared and his self-image experienced an upward boost.

Consequently, his peak performance led him to the peak of his career and made history as his name was inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Number-one Car Salesman. His name was Joe Girard.



The world is full of voices.

Some voices represents noise while some voices represents significance. Some voices represents evil while some voices represents good. Some voices counts up to something, some voices  counts down to nothing.

Your voice determines the problems you solve or the problems you create.

Become the voice that stands out for righteousness, become the voice that stands out for the hopeless and the helpless. Become the voice that builds up destinies rather than tear down destinies.

Become the voice that people can count on. Become the voice for good. Become the voice of influence that empowers lives. Become the voice that the world needs to become better beginning from your circle of influence.

When you become the voice for good your life will speak through eternity.

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