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When Nelson Mandela said, “I am the freedom and the freedom is me,”that irrevocable declaration set ablaze the pangs of apartheid.

When Martin Luther  King Jr. said, “I have a dream…” those immortal words pierced through the horrors of segregation.

When Mahatma Gandhi refused to pay the bail money and said, “I haven’t committed any offense and therefore, I can’t pay any money to bail myself” that burning determination  stirred up the offshoot of India’s Independence. Therefore, words wields the power that shapes the course of destiny.

The kind of words we speak or express is a reflection of the kind of mind we have. Your words can never rise above the level of your thoughts. Words expressed are the offspring of thoughts impressed.

 Until your thoughts count; your words will not count. Until your words count your actions will not count. Until your actions count your life will not count. Words are the food for the soul that shapes the quality of our lives.

A healthy word-diet makes for a healthy mental diet that births a healthy you. Consequently, a healthy you is your greatest gift to the world.

Words are the mold in which your life is fitted into. And the shape of the mold will design your life pattern. From the fountain of words flow the emotions and actions of our lives.

Bad habits could be eliminated and good habits created by words. Families could be disintegrated or knitted together by words. Relationships could be maximized or rendered sterile by words. Self-esteem could be appreciated or depreciated by words.


Words could attract friendship or words could repel friendship. Love could be created or hatred stirred up by words. Words could cause war or words could make for peace. Words could make us laugh or words could make us weep.

Destiny could be built up or destroyed by words. Words can transform our emotions. Words can stir us into a cause that can radically alter our lives and change the course of our destiny. Words can mobilize our will and move us into a space of action, thereby changing the outcome of our lives.

Therefore, words are the grandness instrument given by God to man to recreate his world.

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