“Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”


I am not an iota happier now than I was in the days when I had not a dollar in the world I could call my own, save that which I worked for from sunny morn to dewy eve. I believe I was as happy, if not much happier when poor”.


Happiness is a mental condition rather than a material condition. Mental condition is determined by choices rather than chances.

Happiness begins when you shift your focus from self to others; selfishness is the womb of unhappiness and selflessness is the domain of happiness.

Happiness is the custodian of those who are sold out to holiness; cultivating virtues that purify the soul. Unhappiness is the fate of those who are slaves to their passion and impulses; chaining down their lives with vices that wreckdestinies.

Happiness is attracted to those who seek edification in all things; unhappiness is the consequence of those who seek sensual gratification in all things.


Happiness is the reserve of those who have discovered and are pursuing their life’s purpose and are engaged in the work in which they love. Unhappiness is the trap of those who lack the awareness of the meaning behind their life and are engaged in a job they dread.

The nourishment for happiness is living to give; the parasite of unhappiness is living to get. Happiness is the freedom acquired by those who live to make a difference. Unhappiness is the bondage purchased by those who live to make a living. 

The positive mind produces happiness while a negative mind produces unhappiness and it is determined by what you focus your thoughts on. When you live from your memory-negative and hurtful memories, unhappiness becomes your lot.

However, when you live from your imagination, happiness becomes your ideal. When you have a positive perspective and outlook on life you will have a happy life attitude. Right thinking births happy living.

Your beliefs shape your mental states. Your belief system positions you for happiness or unhappiness. Happiness is a journey rather than a destination.

When you believe that you are superior to every circumstance of life and that there is a lesson in every circumstance of life which you can learn and grow, you will live above circumstances with your happiness still intact.

When you believe that every adversity has corresponding advantages you will always expect the best from life and your happiness will be in top gear.  A harmonious relationship with God; self and people are the platform where happiness is launched.

See the humor side of life-laugh it out. Happiness is a responsibility-Your responsibility. You are responsible for your emotional life.

Nobody can make you feel unhappy without your consent and you will not surrender to them that power over your emotional life. Choose the happy habit today-everyday.


“Quality is not an act; it is a habit.”


The habit of excellence begins when you make a committed decision to live to make a difference. Mediocrity is being crowd-driven; excellence is being value-driven.

Mediocrity is being contented with the average living; Excellence is being committed to maximized living. Excellence is not rising to perfection but rather excellence is rising to be the best you can be.

Excellence is elevating the quality of your work; mediocrity is compromising the quality and increasing the quantity. Excellence is service rendering; mediocrity is status seeking. Excellence is competing with self; to outperform the previous performance.

Mediocrity is competing with others; trying to outshine others. The nature of excellence is selfless; the nature of mediocrity is selfish.

Excellence and integrity are excellent couples that produce an offspring called a legacy. A person of excellence journeys on the right lane of life; excellence demands doing what is right and not doing what is easy.

The watchword of excellence is integrity; staying true to our words and commitments. The prerogative of excellence is when you under-promise and over-deliver.

The start-up of excellence is in our thoughts-our minds. We must have excellent minds in order to have excellent lives. Therefore, excellence flow from being and cascade to doing.

The habit of excellence is the reserve of those who do what they love and love what they do.  Finding your true life’s work is the platform where excellent performance is launched.

When you bring everything you are and got to everything you do, excellence is birthed.

When you put your heart into your work your hands become skilled. Your full-hearted effort will reproduce full-blown results. Give whatever you do all it takes and Life will give you all its best.

To be excellent you must mind your business and know your business. If you do not mind your business, your business will not be the cynosure of all eyes and if you do not know your business, you will be thrown out of business.

The extent to which you know your business determines the extent to which you will thrive in your business. Learn from the best in your field but become the unique best of you.

Expand the wealth of knowledge and heighten the depth of skill in your field. Embracing growth and change is the catalyst to excelling in your business.

 Be an excellent person; be excellent in your home; be excellent in your parenting; be excellent in your relationships and communication; be excellent in your work.

Let the stamp of excellence be on everything you do and have, and carry the aura of excellence everywhere you go.



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