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MENTAL DIET: Inside The Mind Of The Wealthy (Part 3)

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What you condemn you will lose. What you despise discharges out of your life. Whatever you resent retards away from your life.

Rich people are pleased with the successes of others; they admire and associate with other rich and successful people. Average people resent rich and successful people; they often judge and criticize them trying to pull them down to their level. 

Rich people play the game of life to win; average people play the game of life to not lose. And when one plays the game of life to not lose, he or she ends up losing because the focus is on “losing”.

 The vision of rich people is to have wealth and abundance; the vision of the average people is to survive; pay their bills; barely get by or be comfortable.

Rich people are committed to being rich; they will do whatever it takes so long as it is moral, legal, and as long as it takes to succeed. Rich people are ready to take worthwhile risks and are prepared to pay a worthy price to succeed; until you give up you can’t go up.

Remember, life will only hand over its vault of valuables to you when it sees how committed you are. Average people want to be rich as long as it is convenient for them; refusing to step out of their comfort zone to the opportunity zone. Average people come up with so many excuses; ifs; buts; and maybes of why they cannot be rich. They lack focus, courage, knowledge, expertise, 100% effort, and a rich mindset which are the prerequisites of becoming rich.

The more problems you solve for others, the richer you become. The more value you add to others, the more your value is enhanced. Rich people think big, they have a mission in life; they think about contributing to as many people as possible, and by helping solve their problems they get richer not just financially but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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