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MENTAL DIET: Inside The Mind Of The Wealthy (Part 2)

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The concept of being wealthy in our context means building up reserves of good and sound moral character and acquiring and sustaining financial surplus or freedom and also utilizing the riches rightly and wisely by using it for the service of God and humanity.

Riches gotten by compromising sound moral standard or integrity is vanity; it is gaining a victory that is empty. In fact, to be morally bankrupt is the worst form of poverty in the world, despite how much one has amassed in the bank account.

Genuinely rich people think differently from poor people. In fact, the major reason people remain poor or average is not due to external factors but rather it is due to their mindset.

 If one adopts the thinking pattern and beliefs of the wealthy, he or she will then make right and wise choices which leads to right actions which attract rich outcomes.

Rich people believe that their job is a means of acquiring money for investment that makes for wealth. Average people believe that the way to get rich is to get a better job. However, jobs do not create wealth rather investment creates wealth.

Rich people believe that time is their most valuable asset, so they maximize their time in the pursuit of their goals. Average people minimize the value of time by wasting it on things that do not further the course of their destiny.

Rich people make life happen; the “poor or average” person let life happen to them. Rich people believe that they create their life; “average” people believe that life happens to them.

Rich people believe that they are in control over their lives; average people believe that they are helpless and victims in life. Rich people take absolute responsibility for their lives; average people blame everybody and anything for their circumstance except themselves. Rich people take chances; average people make excuses, complain and rationalize.


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