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MENTAL DIET: Inside The Mind Of The Wealthy

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Everything in your life rises and falls on the content of your mind. Every circumstance of your life is harmoniously linked or connected to some thoughts processes in your mind.

How you think determines the size and quality of your destiny. Your beliefs shape your reality. Who you are determines what you attract in life. Your habits and traits define your character and your destiny.

How you feel about yourself shapes the value you attach to your life and consequently the value you attract in life. How confident you are in yourself determines the quality of your performance. How well you relate to others determines if you will succeed or fail in life.

Wealth is a companion of those who feel that they deserve it. Wealth follows those with the ability to act in spite of fear, in spite of worry, in spite of inconvenience, in spite of discomfort.

Until you come to the realization and understanding that your character, your thinking, and your beliefs determine if you will climb the ladder of success and how far you will climb it.

For wealth creation to take place there must be a change on the inside of you before the outward manifestation of wealth can take place. In other words, you must change your core beliefs to support the wealth idea before you can ever act towards the physical creation of wealth.

If your core beliefs do not support the wealth idea, you will reject; ignore; fail to act, or become “blinded” to opportunities for wealth creation or ideas that could generate wealth.

 We need the right internal environment to receive ideas from the Divine Mind and to bear fruit of wealth in the external environment. And the right internal environment is created by the right beliefs that support wealth creation and also sustains it. 


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