To be free to become all that you were created to be, you must deal with the fear of what people think.

Fear of what people think showcases itself in myriads of ways which includes:        

The fear of what people think drives an individual to become a people pleaser in the bid to secure their acceptance and approval. It is conforming our will to the opinions of others at the expense of what is right and best for us. It is the shrinking of our individuality or personality to fit into the mold of others. It is the inability to say, “No” to people even when we know that taking up the commitment will hinder our personal progress and happiness. It is losing our sense of value for the values of others. It is living to please people rather than living to please God. It is mortgaging our own happiness for the happiness of others. It is succumbing to the manipulation of others. It is living out the dreams of others for us at the expense of living our dreams. It is subjecting ourselves to be used by others for their selfish interest or desires. It is the craving to do whatever it takes to “belong”. It is compromise in the face of conviction. It is caring about the applause of the crowd above the approval of conscience.

There is a desire in everyone to be accepted and approved by others. We all want people to like us and want to do things to make people to be pleased with us. However, we should strike a healthy balance and know when to go with the flow and when to stem the tide. We should value the approval of conscience above the approval of people. We should follow our hearts rather than allow ourselves to live according to the will and opinions of others.


When you are ready to leave your comfort zone and stretch to our dream living zone, the people who were familiar with the “old version” of you, are usually uncomfortable with the “upgraded version” of you. They will attempt to talk you out and talk you down so that you can still remain at the same level with them; continuing in the old familiar inhibiting pattern of life. If any of our old association are not ready to move on to the upside of life with us, then we must leave them where they are and move ahead.

Eagles do not dine with chickens, neither do they seek the approval of chickens to soar, nor are they apologetic for soaring. Likewise to experience a high soaring destiny we must leave the gravitational pull of the crowd and live our dreams without any fear of what people think.

  • Know and understand that you are approved and accepted by your Creator.
  • Be validated from within; accept and love yourself unconditionally.
  • Refuse to conform your individuality and never compromise your noble convictions.
  • Step out and play out your part on life’s stage with courage.
  • Live your best and never mind what the rest of the world thinks.


Timeless Gem

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