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How To Deal With The Fear Of The Unknown

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Each day we live, we step into the unknown.

We do not know what the future holds but we do know who holds the future-God. We cannot control the circumstances of life but we can direct them. We do not know what the world’s economy will be in the future but we can effectively manage and grow our personal economy.

We do not control the outcome of our relationships with people but we can invest time and love into our relationships. We do not know if people will believe in us but we can believe in ourselves. We do not know if we will get the promotion but we can maximize the working time and deliver excellent results.

We do not know if people will like us but we can like them. We do not know if people will disappoint us but we can encourage ourselves and move on. We do not know if things will go our way or as planned but we can look for a way out and make changes in our plans.

We do not know the trials that may come our way but we can develop a victor’s mindset and grow through them. We do not know what the day brings but we can plan ahead to maximize the day. We do not know the future but we can create our future.

Every step into the unknown is a choice to act based on what you know. And when you know that faith and unconditional love is the foundation of a great life you become the ruler over the unknown because faith knows only victories and love knows only goodness.

Life is an unfolding mystery with seasons and phases. We certainly do not know everything and when we try to reason out everything we end up in confusion; draining our energy.

However, as we grow our minds in wisdom, we get to unravel the puzzles of life and understand some of the unfolding mysteries of life. But ultimately, we must learn to trust in the Divine, who knows everything and holds up the universe.

Life is full of unexpected surprises but we must:

  • Prepare ourselves for the best; plan for the best; give our best; expect the best; live our best; and leave the rest.
  • Trust God with your life and yours and you will face the unknown knowing that God is with you and for you.   

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