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Acknowledge your fears but move past them into living your dreams by seeing beyond what you fear into the value you can create and its benefits to the world which is most important than fear.

You either choose to live in fear or to live by faith. You either choose to live fearfully or to live courageously. You either live your fears or you live your dreams. It takes faith to raise the stakes above the limits in order to live your dreams; it takes courage to stake your claims on your dreams. Not to be held down by fear is to decide to be done with fear.

You may not be able to prevent fear from “visiting’ you but you can prevent fear from stopping you in your success journey. When fear comes knocking on the door of your mind, let faith open the door and knock out fear.

We are the master of our destiny; therefore, we are to master our fears. We are always making choices to either exercise faith or exhibit fear and herein lies the distinction between a victorious and a victimized life. When you live by your feelings you will be frozen in fear; when you live by God’s Word you will soar in faith and become all that you were created to be.

Fear is an emotional poison that renders the soul toxic and can be deadly to the body. Fear is linked with diseases such as: cardiovascular diseases and hypertension; digestive tract disease such as colitis, Cohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and ulcers; psoriasis, and stress acne.Fear can cause a decreased immune response which could be route to frequent infections or the development of deadly disease. Fear can cause a heart attack and even death.

Fear cripples the ability of stretching out of comfort zone to the growth and change domain capable of enriching your life and those of others.

Fear is what we all must face up in order to live up to a maximized life. To knock out fear head on, we must face fear head on. You may feel fear but never freeze in fear; you may be confronted by fear but never be confounded by fear; never submit to fear but rather subdue fear.

To become all that you were created to be, you must step out and step up on life’s stage despite your fears and act out your part courageously.


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