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Materialism is a subtle trap that lures and entices people, sentencing them to a lifetime of bondage. When stuff owns you, you own fleeting pleasures and lose the joy of living. When you own stuff, you own the freedom of self-control in exercising dominion to be the master of self in order to be more, do more, have more, and give more.

Materialism cannot fill the vacuum of emotional and spiritual needs instead it deepens and widens the void plunging into an ever-increasing obsession that turns the state of life into a miserable state. When stuff controls your thinking and life, you become controlled by myopic thoughts and live a shallow life.

There are no real gains in selfish living only a life filled with losses, outpouring in destiny wreckage. To live free of materialism, you must think distribution rather than possession, think contribution rather than recognition. Those who are on the winning lane of life are on the giving ride.

Cease to let people own you and seize the opportunity in giving your love away. Liberate yourself from being controlled by the gifts of others and become a gift to the world.

Give without keeping score but keep score when you receive from others. Give with no strings attached but receive with strings of gratitude and a good turn attached. Seize every opportunity you have to give in all your relationships and you will never cease from having fulfilling relationships.

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  1. YES.Actually we all came to the world naked and with nothing physical except our destinies and our stars.Therefore we will some day leave without any possesion.Thankyou.

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