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It is not the length of life that counts but the life in those years. Until your life counts up for something it will count down to nothing. And your life cannot count up for something until it counts for others. When your life counts for others, you can be counted on to make a difference. Therefore, make your life count and you will count up a life of significance.

Benjamin Franklin reveals, “I would rather have it said ‘he lived usefully’ than he died rich” Usefulness is the secret of maximized living; riches will fade but your usefulness in the world will outlive you. Your commitment to be a blessing will be the greatest commitment you will ever make in life. And when you are committed to becoming a blessing, life will be committed to blessing you.

Your commitment to love people unconditionally positions you to receive life’s vault of valuables. Your commitment to encouraging and cheering others on in actualizing their dreams positions you with the courage to act on and live out your dreams. Your commitment to mentoring others to aspire to become all that they were created to be positions you to become all that you were created to be.

Your commitment to challenging others to think better in order to live better lives positions you to think and live your best. Your commitment to be merciful with the failures of others positions you to receive life’s gracious benevolence. Your commitment to helping others lighten their burden in moments of pressure positions you to travel light and successfully make it through life’s journey.

Your commitment to bringing laughter to the lives of others positions you to rise above the life of ridicule and shame into the ecstasy of living. Your commitment to inspiring people to seek faithfully after God positions you to receive eternal rewards. Your commitment to care enough to forewarn when others choose to tread the wrong path positions you to overcome the traps along life’s highway. Your commitment to giving perspective to others who are down and out positions you to rise above the circumstances of life.

Therefore, what you are committed to determines what you are connected to, and what you are connected to determines what is attracted to you in life.

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