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Mental Diet: Say Yes To Life – SOAR! (Part 4)

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Eagles are the king of the birds. They are known to attain staggering heights. They gracefully soar so high, farther, and longer than any other bird in the sky utilizing their vision which is five times stronger than man’s.

Eagles soar as high as 10,000 feet, with attaining remarkable heights comes along visibility advantage. A turkey has virtually no visibility advantage because it is hooked to the ground and therefore, has a ground-level visibility.

The soaring ability of eagles enables them to observe and be observed, they can sight trouble or prey miles away, this enables eagles to avoid danger and positions them to constantly seize opportunities of supply and thus lacking sustenance is not a part of their experience.   

Consequently, their heights give them insight. The principle is: The higher you fly the farther you can see and be seen; the farther you see the wider and higher your perspective. Visibility advantage determines destiny advantage, and heights determine insights.

Using an analogy; when you are driving on the ground level, your view or perspective is limited and you become vulnerable to distorted perspective, leading to wrong choices in life that could lead to a life caged in frustration or even destiny wreckage.

However, when you are on a flight, you have a wholesome and wider perspective because you can see the entire landscape. This wholesome and wider outlook leads to right and wise choices and the ability to see and seize opportunities, avoiding impending danger and experiencing a higher quality of life.

Therefore, a scarcity mentality leads to limited and shallow thinking that plunges one into the dungeon of failure while an abundance mentality leads to a high-soaring destiny.

The only limit to what we can accomplish in life is the lid we place on our imagination. Our imagination is a world of unlimited possibilities when exercised and maximized. A detailed, vivid mental picture of your dreams and goals impressed with your imagination will be expressed in your actual experience.

Daily picture yourself as already accomplishing your goals; think it, see it, feel it, touch it and you will experience it. Visualize yourself winning and you will materialize a winning outcome.


Until your dreams are verbalized, they cannot be internalized and until your dreams are internalized, they cannot be externalized. Until your dreams are externalized, they cannot be materialized. Therefore, write down your goals; lifetime goals, long-range, medium-range, and short-term goals.

View and review your goals daily. Never lose sight of your dreams and goals lest you lose touch with actualizing them. Invest in your dreams each day by doing something that leads toward the accomplishment of your goals.

Cut down on your commitments so that you won’t cut off the chances of accomplishing your dreams. Think through before accepting any commitment from people to get the time to act on your dreams.

One of the most courageous words in the world is “No”; it frees you from the bondage of approval addiction. However, if it is vital to make the commitment then plunge yourself in wholeheartedly after weighing the cost and it will not cost you your dreams.

Cut off distractions, your dreams demand all of you to accomplish them. See it, believe it, and seize it, is the way to make your dreams happen.

Discard liabilities from your life; bad habits, the wrong association, fear, and all kinds of negativity should be thrown away.

Invest in your dreams one day at a time and make sure that your dreams are worth the while to invest in by investing in the lives of others.

Plot your own path; never follow someone else’s path. You may learn from successful mentors and role models but birth your own dreams, and express your uniqueness and individuality. Never compromise in conformity.

Fantasies can’t measure up to dreams because fantasies only measure down to the daydreaming stage which is devoid of the world of reality. Dreams are your passionate pursuit of what you want to be, do, and have. Fantasies are what you wish for.   

Stretch to maximize potential and soar to new heights; see it, believe it, and seize it.

You can! You will!     

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