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“The strength of man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions, but by his habitual acts.”


To change the outcome of your life, you need to change the habits of your life.

  • Make The Commitment

We live in a fast-paced world where we are taught that we can mouse-click and download everything we need or desire to become successful. However, in reality, the reverse is the case; you cannot right wrongs overnight, and neither can you break bad habits and replace them with good habits in a day.

You deal with bad habits and develop good habits one at a time and a day at a time with adequate focus.

Experts say it takes thirty days to make or break a habit. Focus your attention on dealing with a habit at a time until you have mastered the good habit and conquered the bad habit before you move over to the next one.

  • Keep The Reward In View

To break a bad habit, focus your thinking on the long-term rewards of acquiring good habits rather than on the short-term pleasure that leads to long-term pressures. Bad habits stifle our potential; immobilize our talents and thwart our future while living in prison fashioned by our hands in the present.

The quality of your life can never rise above the quality of habits you imbibe. It is on the wings of good, positive habits that we soar to the peak of our gifts or potential.

It takes discipline to break bad habits and form good habits. When you get busy doing the right things, the wrong things will rip off your life.

When you focus on the prize it will motivate you to pay the price.

  • Change Your Focus

Whenever we focus our thoughts, we create things into existence and whenever we speak, we speak things into existence.

Therefore, we must speak faith-filled words in order to rise above our habits rather than fear-filled words which make us bow down to our habits. Learn to talk yourself out of bad habits rather than beating yourself down to it.

Talk about the good habits you want to see manifest in your behavior and never talk about the habits you do not want to see manifest.

Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want. Never doubt, only believe. It’s Possible!

Focus on the virtues you want to nurture, nourish, and develop as your habit and not on the vices you do not want to manifest.

  • Re-position Yourself

Cut off from your life whatever it is that nourishes the old negative habits. What you feed will grow and become strong in your life. What you starve will become weak and wither away from your life.

Deliberately position yourself in a supportive environment that nourishes the development of new and better habits.

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