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“The man who has no inner life is the slave of his surroundings.”



“What we do on some great occasion will probably depend on what we already are; and what we are will be the result of previous years of self-discipline.”


Self-discipline is what it takes to develop character into maturity and keep it going. Without self-discipline character development becomes impossible.

To do what is right and necessary whether we feel like it or not is the drive of self-discipline towards character development. Self-mastery is the height of a mature character that strengthens destiny.

The wins of success are the battles for self-discipline that are won. Although character lies beneath our personality but it is usually seen through the eventual outcome of our actions and destiny.



“The only thing that walks back from the tomb with the mourners and refuses to be buried is the character of a man. This is true. What a man is, survives him. It can never be buried.”


We choose our character and our character determines our fate or destiny. Character and Competence are the Trust Factors. While character alone cannot make us relevant in life however, character secures and protects our relevance gained through competence in delivering excellent results in our contribution to life.


Consistency in character reveals strength of character. Yes! Change is inevitable and we should initiate changes in our lives and anticipate change but when it comes to our character which lies at our core, it should be unchangeable. In other words, the moral principles which form the bedrock of our character should not change irrespective of the changes around us; despite the trials we may face and even in position of power, wealth and fame our character grounded in moral principles should be unchangeable – consistent.

Our character should always be consistent irrespective of the actions of others towards us. Consistency of character reflects the strength of destiny.


A consistent character at varied levels of life leads to predictability. You become trustworthy; people can count on you because you are reliable.

You command believability rather than doubt because you function from an unchangeable core of moral principles with integrity of heart that produces an integrated life.


People will not trust you or will find it hard to trust you if you have no track record of a consistent good character. Trustworthiness produces dependability.

People can’t count on you if you do not make your words and actions count. To be trusted by people you must be worthy of trust and it is a worthy character consistently proven with time that makes you trustworthy. Consequently, trust must be earned rather than yearned for.

  • JUST

To be just is to stand for equity, fairness and justice and to stand for these begins with treating people impartially irrespective of how they treat you and their status.

It is important to note that character has nothing to do with the actions of others but everything to do with you. In fact, the actions of others toward you and circumstances reveal your character.

Therefore, deal with everyone – friend or foe impartially. Be known to be just; the kind of person who is no respecter of persons but of Principles.


To develop character is to grow in unconditional love. A developed practice of unconditional love makes for a developed and mature character. The more loving you become the more mature you become. The more selfish you become the more immature you are and the more character flaws or weaknesses grow.

Therefore, to grow daily in the practice of unconditional love is to grow into maturity of character which heightens your influence and secure a great destiny.

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