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“People are set up to fail if they envision what they want to do before they figure out what kind of person they should be.”



How you define yourself determine if your character is refined or defiled. A distorted view of self makes for a distorted value system and a deteriorating character. When you fail to recognize your intrinsic value but define your personal worth based on your extrinsic value or material things, you devalue yourself and act in debased ways.

Until you recognize the distinction between self-worth and net-worth you become entangled in the sting of insecurity that breeds stinking thinking which makes destiny stink. Until you recognize your inestimable intrinsic value or self-worth life becomes void of emotional security which drives right and wise actions and makes for the development of moral character that builds up success.


Identity is your belief about who you are.  Identity is the definition you’ve given to your life out of which everything else flows. Identity is the framework of your beliefs about who you are and who you are not. Identity is the mold that shapes what you can do and what you cannot do. Identity is the crucible that shapes behavior.


The battle of life is the battle for identity. Every attack on your destiny is targeted at your identity. When identity is lost essence is lost. When identity is lost true bearing is lost. When identity is lost significance is lost. The loss of identity is the most tragic loss in life. When you lose the battle for your identity, you lose a handle on life. Identity shapes the quality of your life. Identity is the birthplace of character.


When you don’t know who you are, you stoop low to do anything demeaning. When you lose the consciousness of who you really are, you lose out to temptation. When you are trying to be who you already are, then you’ve lost your identity.

Every test in life is a motive test and how you define yourself is reflective of how your motive is defined. Ignorance of your true identity will cost you your destiny. Your identity determines your choices through life. When you try to prove who you are, you lose the essence of who you are. People who truly know who they are never perform to impress people but rather they perform in response to a need. People who know their true identity are not ruled or governed by their appetites. They cannot be slaves to their appetites because they live in oneness with Divinity and hence, they become masters of their destiny.

People who know their true identity are not driven by self-glory but the love of God translating into their love for people. Selfishness is at the root of insecurity. People living with the consciousness of their true identity; never seek out who they are in a bid to survive. When your identity is intact, you won’t bow down to reverence wealth, possession, fame and the superficial things of life; trying to acquire these by all means and at all cost; self-destroying destiny in the process.

When you are secure in whom you are; you know that money is your servant-a tool to be used and you are the master-the one who rules over money. Consequently, your life has value rather than a price. When you are secured in who you are, you never bow down to conform to the world but rather you rise up and take your place in destiny and rule your world.

When you recognize and realize that the fullness of Divinity resides in you, you will live as a king or queen in your thoughts, words and deeds; dominating your world with your influence.

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