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“Once you learn to quit it becomes a habit”

  • Vince Lombardi

Until you have strong enough reasons to keep your success drive always turned on, you halt your success journey – changing the direction of your life. When your “why” is deep enough you will never retreat due to the detours on the way.

Life must be lived on Purpose, for a Purpose and with a Purpose. Your actions must be motivated by a worthwhile purpose. It is only a Purpose-driven life that can lead to a Purpose-accomplished life.

When your actions are motivated by a purpose you will not slip into habitually procrastinating on important tasks. When you’ve discovered your life’s work and are engaged in it; when you love what you do and do what you love,you won’t loathe work-time.

When you are purpose-driven you will drive your projects until their completed and thorough state.When you see value in yourself you will add value to yourself by self-improvement and this empowers you to create value for others.


You must have strong enough reasons to keep you going if you must keep growing to reach your maximum potentials.

In life, it is not what you will do tomorrow that matter, what counts is what you do today which determines what you will do tomorrow. If you do nothing today that will make you forge ahead it is most likely that you will do nothing tomorrow that propels success. However, if you maximize today you will probably maximize tomorrow as you renew your daily commitment to succeeding.

Moreover, tomorrow’s outcome is a product of what you do today.The longer you delay the practice of self-discipline the harder it will be for you to be self-disciplined.

“Now” is the action time for achievers. “Now” is the time to kick-start the habit of self-discipline and keep your success drive perpetually turned on.

“A bad habit never goes away by itself. It’s always an undo-it-yourself project”

  • Van Buran.

Make growing in self-discipline to accomplishing your life’s purpose a daily pursuit and you will maximize destiny.

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