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“…whatever is true,  whatsoever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things (fix your minds on them)

–     Paul the Apostle.

Let the above ideal thinking pattern guide your intelligence; let it control your reasoning and thinking processes.

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.”

  • James Alllen.

When you focus your mind on these ideal trains of thoughts; the true (speaking truly and living truly in alignment with timeless or eternal principles of life); things worthy of reverence, living honorably and treating all people with honor, and becoming just in your ways and dealings with people; aiming for purity of heart, purity of mind and purity of body; things that are lovely and loveable (refusing to focus on the negative and bad report), becoming kind and winsome and gracious; becoming virtuous and a person of excellence; things that are praiseworthy – you will get to the right destination of an ever-growing, increasing and expanding life. That’s when real living begins.

You may say, “Udeme, it is impossible to focus on all of these ideal trains of thoughts.” You see that thought is the problem. If you believe it is impossible then you are right and if you believe it is possible, you are still right. Right believing always lead to right living and right living makes your entire life turn out right. Wrong believing always produces wrong living and wrong living makes your life turn out wrong. Beliefs are the thoughts you have accepted into your mind as true. It always begins with your belief system and beliefs create reality.  

Though many people are very intelligent with the right credentials but the thinking that guides their intelligence is faulty or defective. Consequently, they go through life living in frustration and cycles of defeat. However, an individual with an “average” intelligence and with little or no credentials but whose thinking process aligns with these ideal thought qualities develops and grows into an amazing success in the domain of life.

Many times good people fail through life not because they engaged in bad actions but rather they engaged in the train of thoughts that led their lives into failed marriages, failed business, failed parenting, financial failure and failing conditions of life.

I believe that the majority of the troubles, crisis, chaos and problems people experience in their adulthood while living in a free society are self-inflicted; caused by their actions or inaction or attracted to them through their frame of thinking. The rest is what life throws at us which is required to grow and develop us for a higher level of living and impact on the world, if we adopt these ideal thought qualities as our frame of thinking.


Someone once said, “All of us are self-made but only the successful will admit it.”  That’s so true. Every person whose life gets stuck in a failing state or stagnant state always have excuses or explanations justifying their position; they play the blame game to save face until they come to a personal conviction that those excuses are responsible for their state of life – that frame of thinking is the problem. And as long as they do not take complete responsibility for their lives, they remain stuck where they are, holding onto their excuses. Remember, what we repeatedly tell ourselves we will believe and it will grow to become a personal conviction.  

Yes, their excuses and explanations may reveal the reasons that led to their present state but does not validate why they should remain stuck in their present state. While we cannot be responsible for what happened to us in our childhood, however, as adults we are responsible for our choices and to take responsibility for our choices gives us the freedom to make better choices in order to become what we were created to be; blaming anyone or anything for our state of life as adults suggest that we are defending our position of irresponsibility. Irresponsibility and true success cannot harmonize. Equally, there are genuinely successful people that have passed through overwhelming odds, sometimes unimaginable difficulties to get to move ahead and make great positive impact on the world.

The Point is: Holding onto excuses to remain stuck or having strong enough reasons to push through and pull over to the other side of victory is a choice we all must make. When you have no other option in life but to breakthrough and break out into success no matter how long it may take – then You Become Unstoppable. When you are ready to stake your entire life in pursuit of your worthwhile dreams, you will not be denied.

Cultivating the ideal mindset is the key to consistently upgrading the quality of your life.

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