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The priority of relationships is the prerogative of life. There is a dearth of harmony in relationships all over the world. The world is ravaged by the relational crisis; discord rages and disintegration becomes the wages; conflicts in the workplace among coworkers; rebellious teenagers; Couples engaging in physical and verbal combats; abusive and dysfunctional families; prolonged grudges among siblings; terrorist attacks; rampant killings or assassination of innocent people. The world is in a relationship dilemma.

When relationships go wrong the world goes in the wrong direction. We cannot effectively build society unless we build relationships in it. The breakdown of relationships always leads to the breakdown of a nation and a breakout of crisis. Until harmony in relationships is fostered, retardation festers. To develop a nation is to develop the people which leads to the development of effective relationships.  

On a personal level, life will not work for you until your relationships work and your relationships will not work until you work at it and you cannot work at your relationships unless you work on yourself. Relational pain lingers and festers longer and at times throughout a lifetime if not dealt with than physical pain. Emotional pain is the most hurting of all human pain because it reaches beyond the access of human touch or remedy into the recesses of the human heart.

Relationships matters are the most important matters in life because people matter. At the end of life, the things people fight to get and to keep will seem like a shadow as what really matters will be the relationships in your life, especially the closest people to you. And if the individual did not strive to keep and build harmonious relationships with people but rather fights to get and keep things at the expense of people he or she will leave this world with the greatest pain of all which will be too late to be remedied-relational pain.

When relationships become your priority, your life is set on the right course to fulfill the course of destiny.

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