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Your personal power in your relationships is embedded in telling the truth and living the truth. You become powerless and your relationship with people deteriorates with manipulation and lies. Withholding your truth withholds your power in creating satisfying and great relationships. Withholding the truth holds great energy in bondage and unless you release negative secrets and whatever negative behavior or actions concealed, you will be unable to channel your energy to focus on creating greater success in all areas of your life.

Never manipulate anyone to change rather share your true feelings with them even when it is uncomfortable. Speak the truth sooner and you will build quality relationships with people faster. “When what you see is what you get” in your relationships with people, you will get the best out of your relationships with people. Never protect yourself from your own feelings at the expense of telling your truth by saying that your truth will hurt the other person; withholding your truth hurts the other person even deeper when the individual eventually knows somehow and it could entirely wipe out trust in the relationship and when trust is wiped out there is no basis for any relationship. To foster a harmonious relationship with people, never betray the trust by withholding the truth. There is no perfect time to tell the truth; the faster you tell the truth, the faster the healing process and the faster you build up relationships.

Knowing your personal power in your relationships is to know that you are completely responsible for your thoughts; beliefs; feelings and actions.  You are not in any way responsible for the thoughts, beliefs, feelings or behavior of another; consequently, you must know the limit of your personal power in your relationships with people that you can influence but not control the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behavior of another.


  •  You are responsible for the complete control of your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, actions or behavior. Nobody is responsible for how you feel and how you behave or for your response to situations. Therefore, blaming your feelings or behavior on the attitude of another towards you is irresponsibility and it never promotes satisfying and great relationships.
  • To control your feelings and actions, you must control your thoughts. Positive thoughts create positive feelings and actions. Negative thoughts produce negative feelings and actions. Identify your emotions and your reactions; process your emotions in a healthy way using reason, conscience, and imagination by putting yourself in the other person’s place. Be a good finder; look for the good in people and in situations.
  • Confront issues that you cannot overlook by sharing your true feelings in a courteous but firm manner.  
  • Never build up resentment within by unmet needs and expectations. Live in the knowledge that only God can meet all your needs and expectations as you receive from Him daily in an unbroken companionship.
  • You are not responsible for the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions or behavior of others.  Disengage from manipulating, threatening or any attempt to control another; it only backfires. However, you can influence the thoughts, feelings, actions or behavior of another for a change by your inspiring example and by persuasion; this breeds satisfying and great relationships.
  • When you exercise your personal power in all your relationships with people your relationships flourishes and your success blossoms in every area of life.

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