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In life you are either investing or you are incurring liabilities. To invest is to become a giver-you are making deposits; inputs that will become profitable in the process of time. To incur liabilities you become a taker-you are continually making withdrawals that will lead to losses; indebtedness and bankruptcy.

The life we are living is one that must be accounted for. I believe we have what I will love to term a “life’s bank account” with God and with every level of human relationship here on earth. Every waking moment of our lives we are either making deposits or withdrawals from that account. And our success and influence in the lives of others is dependent on the state of that account.

Whenever we live in the domain of integrity, there is a huge deposit in our life’s account with others. Significant deposits are made when we live by the truth and tell the whole truth by living an open and transparent lifestyle, by being straightforward in our dealings with others, and by making and keeping commitments with others. Conversely, whenever we tell lies, live a pretentious or hypocritical life; double talk; conceal matters, or keep secrets when wisdom demands openness and transparency, there will be a complete depletion or massive withdrawal from our account with others. The way you treat others, especially those people with whom you can gain nothing from and those who cannot hurt you also determines a deposit or withdrawal in your life’s account.

When you set your mind to becoming a habitual giver in all your relationships and interactions with people you have set up a life’s account that can never go empty because your deposits will far surpass the withdrawals, and this delivers to yours, life’s true riches.

Building up people at any given opportunity builds up your life’s bank account. The quality of your life’s bank account has a corresponding effect on the quality of your life. Until you build up others, your life will not be built up; until you help others to feel good about them you will not feel good about your life.

Talking about your problems all the time makes you have problematic relationships with people. When you drain the emotional energy of others your

Talking about your problems all the time makes you have problematic relationships with people. When you drain the emotional energy of others your life’s account becomes drained and you become bankrupt of success in the domain of life. When you get your mind off yourself and on others long enough, you are making huge deposits.


Until you encourage others, you will be void of the courage to effectively run your life’s race. Until you look for ways to help someone else you will be put out of the success-way; until you make someone’s life better your life can never become better.

Being self-focused is self-sabotage; selfish living is self-destructing living. Until you make others feel important your sense of importance becomes an illusion. When you compliment people your relationship with them won’t become condescending. Overlooking faults in others makes them overlook any withdrawal made in your account with them. When you make allowances for the mistakes of others your life’s bank account will have allowances. Giving people preference makes you a reference.

Therefore, investing in people is life’s greatest investment; it ensures one against wretchedness of character; miseries which money cannot erase; the blindness of worthwhile living; and poverty of the mind due to negative and shallow thinking. With time all the gold and silver of the world will be cankered, and wealth will be swept away or passed into other hands. But investments in the lives of people will stand the test of time and echo through eternity while giving you a crown glory which cannot be taken away.

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