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Once upon a time, a scientist observed that not one of the two full-blooded tribes of American Indians stuttered. In his curiosity, he plunged himself into a detailed study of every Indian tribe living on a reservation in America.

He didn’t find a single Indian who stuttered. He decided to probe further and studied their languages. He came to this startling revelation that the reason none of the Indians stuttered was that they don’t have a word or even a substitute word for “stutter.”

 Evidently, our thoughts are made up of words and words form pictures in our minds. Therefore, if the word, “stutter” does not exist in their language that invariably means the word “stutter” does not also exist in their minds.

It is reported that some Native America languages have no word for “lie” – it is not a part of their language or vocabulary, they do not think it and therefore, they do not behave it. Consequently, “lie” does not exist in their world. The Tasaday tribe in the Philippians has no words for like “dislike,” “hate,” “war.”

Words are the fabric the universe is made up of. Everything in the universe is represented with words. Words are representative of things or meaning. If you do not have a word to represent something or a particular meaning, you will not experience it in your life. Since words are representation of things and thoughts are made up of words, if you do not have words to represent a particular thing or concept, you can’t think it in your mind and hence, you can’t manifest it. 

Until you think it, you can never manifest it; until you visualize it you can never materialize it; until it is thought out it can never be wrought out and until you say it you will not attract it.

Therefore, whatever word you do not want to experience in your life you can eliminate it out of your vocabulary and consequently out of life experience or behavior.

As the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” The right type and combination of diet with the required vitamins, minerals and other nutritional value makes for a healthy body- physical stamina, resistance to disease, body size and the longevity of our lives.  If we habitually eat junk food we suffer the consequences of a weakened immune system, susceptibility to diseases and an unhealthy physical body.

Just as we continually feed our bodies, we continually feed our minds either consciously or subconsciously. Words are the “food” our minds feed on. When we feed our minds with the right words, we develop healthy destinies and our lives gains progressive motion.


When we feed our minds with the right words we develop moral stamina, we develop better habits, gain positive mental attitude, we expand our capacity to succeed and keep on succeeding and we develop an attractive and irresistible personality.

Your word “arsenal” determines the size of your thinking and your goals which is a product of the environment you’ve adapted to or permitted to influence you.

We must create our psychological environment and carefully choose the words or vocabulary that we use. To create the right and positive psychological environment we must be mindful of our physical environment.

If we associate or surround ourselves with people who are toxic: negative and cynical-telling us all the reasons why we can’t live our dreams and habitually talking about the negativities of life and engaging in pettiness, we will develop the psychology of a loser,  playing the game of life to lose.When words laden with doubt and fear becomes the food of our minds, our destinies will be shortchanged.

CAUTION: Beware of permitting negative people to influence your mind with negative suggestions and do not also influence another mind with negative suggestions.

Sanitize your environment as much as you can with only positive energy. If your environment is brewing negative energy and you can’t  sanitize it , then change your environment but never let your environment change you to experiencing a failing or mediocre state of life.

Remember, words shape the quality of your experience. When you expand your vocabulary you enlarge your success capacity. Choose your words carefully and wisely.

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