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“Learn as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow”


George Eliot beautifully states, “It’s never too late to become the person you could have been.”In order for the above statement to become accomplished, you must be a committed learner through life.

The habit of learning is founded on an intense desire to gain knowledge and understanding in order to grow yourself and reap the results you are committed to creating.

Learning with the motive of just getting high grades in school or in a bid to impress people with your knowledge will never transform your life.For learning to be maximized, you must meditate or reflect on and raise questions that will stimulate your thinking and arouse an in-depth understanding and insight of the subject.The end product of learning is that action flows from it.

Learning is not an activity to be performed but rather it is an act of self-improvement to be cultivated. Learning is growing you to become better. The key to improvement in every area of life is embedded in the habit of learning.

The greater the knowledge you have about your product/service/career, the greater will be the level of understanding and the greater you will believe in your product and the greater will be the level of success you attract.


The greater your self-knowledge the greater will be the understanding of your strengths, abilities and gifts, the greater will be your self-concept and consequently, the greater will be the quality of your performance.

 Therefore, until you know yourself; your product or service; the people that you deal with, you will not be able to grow yourself; your product or service and your success with people.   

Learning what is needed to just get by is the mark of mediocrity that results in a barely get by existence. Know beyond that which you think you may need. Seek to learn all that you can that is relevant to your destiny, for you may never know when you will need it.

The habit of learning is taught rather than caught. A commitment to learning as a way of life entails a deliberate decision and discipline to follow through on a daily basis. Therefore, to engage in intentional learning that produces personal growth, a plan of action is required. Self-education is the key to a maximized destiny.

Therefore, life is a citadel of learning that rewards those who are committed to grow and to stretch in order to reach their maximum potential.

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