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“What lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do”


The habit that keeps you in bondage or impedes your progress keeps you in your comfort zone. The zone where bad, negative or unproductive habits thrive is the comfort zone. To conquer bad habits you must conquer the pull of your comfort zone with unwavering commitment and push through to victory.

A life of freedom is the reserve of those who are ready to make the investment of time; dedicated effort and the willingness to get uncomfortable in order to secure the comfort that only a life of freedom brings.Breaking bad habits may not be easy but it eases the circumstances of life.

Never enthrone any bad habit in your life as too formidable to break but rather enthrone the Divinity within you and Divinity within you will empower you to dethrone bad habits making you free from its bondage. Will-power alone may fail you in breaking entrenched bad habits but Divine Power will never fail as you fully and wholeheartedly call upon and cooperate with Him.

That’s the reason you must make “The habit of giving God first place in your life and the habit of meditating on the Scriptures” the number-one priority in your life as you embark on breaking bad habits and developing great habits.  


  • Believe It Is Possible.

The battle of life is won or lost in the mind. Until you believe that you can break bad habits and develop great habits you become bereft of the ability to accomplish your goals.Doubt and unbelief only secures defeat. Even when you fall keep rising.


A knock-down does not symbolize defeat but only a knock-out does and you are the only one who can knock-out yourself. Believein God to help you; believe in your ability to conquer the bad habits and visualize yourself living in freedom.Think of yourself as a powerful being that can conquer bad habits. Consider yourself a champion over the bad habits.

  • Identify What Triggers The Habit

We must become aware of why we do what we do. In other words, there is a reason for every habit we engage in subconsciously or consciously. For instance, some habits like alcoholism and smoking are triggered by the feeling of insecurity; the need to feel accepted and loved by your peers.

What triggers your habits? Is it stress, boredom or frustration? Is it any other negative emotions? Do you need to sever your association with a friend or some friends that you hang out with?

Remember, who you hang out with will determine what hangs around your destiny; where you hang out in will determine what grows within you. When you can identify the root cause of bad habits the problem is half solved.

  • Change Your Self-talk

To break bad habits you must break the pattern of self-defeating words. Never say, “It’s hard”; “I can’t get myself to do it.”

Breaking bad habits is not a project that requires you to broadcast it to people unless it is someone that genuinely care who will encourage and support you on the journey to freedom.

Breaking bad habits is a confidential project that requires your confidence in God’s help to accomplish it. Lean on God and let your words be filled with: “I can” and “I will.”

Let the reward that a life of freedom produces become your motivating drive towards breaking bad habits that make bad breaks happen in life.

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