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Can you give up temporal freedom for eternal freedom? Is your strength of conviction rock solid to withstand the pressure of compromise? Are you courageous enough to stand alone for a noble cause when everyone around you gives in? Can you face the possibility of death yet still stand for what is right? Do you value Truth above the lure of falsehood and wickedness in the den of captivity?

The greatest souls have something to live for and yet they are ready to die for it if need be rather than ignoring or neglecting their tender conscience. This is power at its best; this is beauty in its entire excellent splendor; this is the height of influence and this is the crown of destiny.

Leah Sharibu – the embodiment of heroism, her story unfolds…

Boko Haram which means “Western education is forbidden” is a faction of ISIS-WA. This sect has been responsible for massive destruction of lives and properties and abductions in the northern region of Nigeria.

On February 19, 2018, Boko Haram attacked the Government Girls Science and Technical School in Dapchi, Yobe State in Nigeria. During the attack, Boko Haram abducted 110 girls reportedly killed 5 girls in the abduction. Leah Sharibu was among the girls that were abducted.

Leah Sharibu was born on May 14, 2003 and she has had both her 15th birthday and 16th birthday in captivity. She was the only one not released by her captors when the 104 girls who were abducted alongside with her were reunited with their families in March, 2018. The reason of her not being set free from captivity is due to her refusal to renounce her Christian faith to the Islamic religion.


It is questionable on the part of the Federal Government of Nigeria as they cannot tender to the public any valid reason why Leah Sharibu’s release was not secured alongside the other 104 girls who were released by the bloody captors- Boko Haram, using the same “back channel.”

Is Leah Sharibu still alive? Or is she dead? What has become of Leah Sharibu in the den of her captors? If she is alive, when will she be released? These are questions void of accurate and authentic answers amidst the conflicting rumors and unreliable “assurances” from the Federal Government of Nigeria but with faith in our hearts, we believe that one day she will be reunited with her family. However, if she is dead, we trust God who she did not deny receives her spirit and be forever united with him in glory.

Leah Sharibu, a legend of faith – a hero worth celebrating and emulating-Yours is the triumph of courage over the horrors of fear; yours is the triumph of eternal life over physical death;  yours is the triumph of inner freedom over physical freedom; yours is the triumph of Truth over falsehood; yours is the triumph of love over hate.

Leah Sharibu, we celebrate you. Your legacy will always be imprinted in our hearts. Leah Sharibu, wherever you are, we love you.



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At some point, she was a motivational columnist, writing Success Recipe and Destiny Catalyst, for two Nigerian national newspapers, Vanguard and ThisDay, respectively. She is the initiator of the Revolution Series Seminars

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