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Almost single-handedly, Bolt has helped track transform itself from a dying sport to one with a singular, smiling, world wide star”


10 AUGUST 2012.   

Winning doesn’t just happen rather winning is made to happen.

Everyone on earth was born a champion, however, few people live like champions. Invariably, champions are born and a life of champion is made through choice.

Let’s unravel the marvel of your beginning:

It was indeed a formidable battle as more than four hundred million sperm cells raced through, yet only one of them emerged the winner-the one that made you! The rest of them died. Each of the sperm was so tiny that in order to be visible to the human eye, they would have to be magnified thousands of times. This race of all time was to reach a precious egg containing a tiny nucleus, smaller in size than the point of a needle.


The head of each of the sperm as well as the tiny nucleus of the egg contained 23 chromosomes.  Each chromosome was composed of jelly beads closely strung together. Each head contained hundreds of genes which scientists attribute all the factors of hereditary – from the size of the brain, to the color of the eyes, to your mannerisms. Specifically, the chromosomes in the sperm consisted of all the hereditary material and tendencies contributed by your father and his ancestors, while those in the egg-nucleus made up the inheritable trait from your mother and her ancestors.

When this one particular sperm, the fastest and healthiest, swarm and united with the egg, it formed one, tiny living cell-You. You were the only one who survived that inconceivable ordeal. You were born a champion.    

Usain St Leo Bolt reputed as the greatest sprinter of all time.


The all time winner of the consecutive 100m, 200m and 4*100m tripple at Rio 2016.  The holder of the World Records at all three distances and an 11-time world champion.

At age 15, Usain Bolt won the 2002 World Junior Championship in Kingston, Jamaica where he won the 200 meter dash, making him the youngest world junior medalist first ever.

Usain Bolt set another pacesetting record as the only track star who made it  onto the Forbes list of highest paid athletes ranking number 32.

As of 2020, Usain bolt’s networth has climaxed to be $90million, placing him among the highest paid Olympian of all time, ranking just after Michael Phelps.


“When I was young, I didn’t really think about anything other than sports”

  • Usain Bolt.

As a youngster Bolt focused on other sports. However, his coach observed Bolt’s speed on the pitch and counseled him to try track and field events.


A “LIMP” represents limitation, challenge, obstacle in which losers utilizes as excuses to remain stuck where they are.

Usain Bolt reveals that he has suffered from scoliosis, a condition that has curved his spine to the right and has made his right leg half an inch shorter than his left. As a result of this is that his left leg remains on the ground 14 percent longer than his right leg, with left leg striking with 955lbs of force and right with 1080lbs.

Champions are not made because they have a challenge-free life. Champions are made because they are conquerors-they have conquered their challenges and uses them as stepping stones to step into their championship level; while the average person uses their challenges as stopping stones, so they become stuck where they are. Winners never take up excuses if they want to take on winning.

To become a champion and sustain your championship position you will face giant-sized challenges and to continuously overcome those giant-sized challenges is what makes champions thick going beyond the average person who shrinks from challenges and excuses self from taking the responsibility of winning.

Dream Big; Face the obstacles and overcome them; Win Big by winning small and building big –Become a champion. You are unstoppable.


For Usain Bolt to become the greatest sprinter of all time, he consistently trained and invested in himself for 20 years. It was the accumulated trainings and investments in self that resulted in that unprecedented record. In other words, it took Usain Bolt 20 years of consistent training to accomplish the extraordinary feats in less than 155 seconds in the track. In fact, his trainings and investment in self continually builtup from one win onto another, until he finally became the greatest sprinter of all time.   

It is actually reported that much of Bolt’s time had been spent training in the track before his retirement on his 30th birthday on the day of the closing ceremony of the Rio Games.


  • Your life will never go beyond the level of your thinking. The only real limitations in life exist in the realm of the mind. Your breakthrough lies when you breakout in your thinking.
    • “I don’t think limits” – Usain Bolt.
  • Winning begins within and manifests without. The happenings within you creates the happenings around you.

“Win from within” –    Usain Bolt.

  • The journey to winning is in starting but the joy of winning is in finishing strong. Half-minders and half-doers never finish strong. It takes a full blown commitment to start and finish strong-No retreat! No surrender!

“There are better starters than me but I’m a strong finisher” – Usain Bolt.

  • Self-knowledge is the key to self-discovery and self-discovery is the greatest discovery of all time. To know self is to grow self and to grow self is to make the most of self which leads to making the most out of life. Self-knowledge leads to self-belief. To doubt self is to become a failure. To believe in self is the leadway to emerging a winner in the game of life.

“I know what I can do, so I never doubt myself” –  Usain Bolt.

  • Never buy into  the negative limiting opinions of people. Never permit anyone to define you and what you can do. Set your sail and sail through the limitations into endless possibilities.

“I work hard, and I do good, and I’m going to enjoy myself. I’m not going to let you restrict me”. –   Usain Bolt.

  • Until you have an all consuming obsession  for your dreams you won’t be able to scale through the “mountains”in the pathway to your dreams. Until you set big goals that inspires you to stretch your potentials, you become satisfied with the status quo. No goals! No guts!

“You have to set goals so you can push yourself harder. Desire is the key to success.” –     Usain Bolt.

  • If you don’t believe in your dreams, no one else will believe in it. If you are not sold out on your dreams nobody else will buy into your dreams. Belief is the first demand of success.

“Believe in your dreams and that everything is possible.” –  Usain Bolt.

  • Be your best; do your best; give your best and leave the rest.

“Worrying gets you nowhere. If you turn up worrying about how you’re going to perform, you’re already lost. Train hard, turn up, run your best and the rest will take care of itself.” –   Usain Bolt.

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