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MENTAL DIET: How To Develop The Winning Strategy (Part 8)

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  • You will never accomplish anything of significance until you develop an all-consuming desire for your goals.

How badly you want to accomplish your goals will determine the extent you will go in the pursuit and accomplishment of your goals.

Desire is the propelling force that pushes you forward in the direction of your goals amid fear and obstacles.

  • Until you believe that you can and you will accomplish your goals, you will be unable to accomplish them.

You must believe in your purpose; dreams and goals. You must believe in yourself and in God’s ability in you. Have faith that you have been equipped with what it takes to attain your goals.

  • Analyze and evaluate where you are presently to be able to reach where you want to be.

Write out the goals you want to accomplish in every important area of your life; spiritual, mental, personal, relationships, family, career, financial, living environment, contribution, and physical health goals.

 Write it out clearly, vividly, and in detail. Give an ideal description of your goals. Don’t try to figure out how you will attain it rather figure out what exactly you want.

Goals must be written down lest it is written off in our minds. Keep the list in sight; make it visible. Go through the list of goals every day; commit it to memory and commit yourself to work towards it every day. 

  • Write down the reason or reasons you want to achieve these goals.

Remember, your every action must be backed up with a worthwhile purpose. Your motive or the reasons why you want to accomplish these goals must be deep and inspiring.


What will be the benefits or rewards of attaining your goals both to yourself and to the people you influence? These benefits must excite you to ignite your desire and belief with the intensity to accomplish your goals.

  • Goals must be specific rather than vague.

The goals must be quantified or qualified as the case may be. “I want more money or to be rich” is a vague goal and weak desire. The amount of money must be stated. “I want to be a better husband” is a vague goal. The qualities you want to manifest should be stated, “Understanding, trustworthy, and loving husband” are examples.

  • Goals must be big enough to inspire you to grow into them.

 Inspiring goals inspire you to give the best of yourself and do your best to accomplish it.

The big shots are the people who see themselves big before they ever make it big and to make it big you need big goals. There are no impossible goals only impossible time frames.

  • Goals must have a deadline.

Goals must be long-range (1 year and above). Make allowances for unexpected events.

The goal is always constant but how to accomplish it may need some adjustment; be flexible. The long-range goals must be broken down into short-term goals (90 days). It must further be broken down into daily increments. Goals must be worked on daily.

  • Write down all the obstacles that you perceive that stand against you and the accomplishment of your goals.

Identify the major obstacle you must overcome to attain your goals.

If you are driving to a distant destination, you will not be able to see the whole road to your destination.

However, you go as far as you can see and when you get there you will see further, and as you go if there are detours on the road that pose an obstacle to arriving at your destination, you make adjustments to overcome the detours.

 If the detour makes the road impassable you change your direction upon arriving at your destination. You never think of stopping your journey and heading back to where you started; abandoning the journey to your destination.

Let obstacles be your stepping stone to accomplish your goals rather than a “stopping” stone.

  • Write down the knowledge, information, skill, and ability you need to accomplish your goals.

You may need training experience to attain your goals. What kind of training or preparation must you get to become the kind of person you want to be?

The most effective training is self-improvement. Build up your capacity in preparation for the opportunity for advancement in the light of your goals.

  • Write down the people you need to connect with that will help in the accomplishment of your goals.

Get to connect with them. Increase the quality and quantity of service you render to others; exceed expectations.

  • Write down your plan of action in order of importance.

Take action immediately. As you journey in the direction of your goals, you may need to revise and improve on your plan as you progress; re-strategizing for effective execution.

  • What you visualize you will actualize. Mentally see yourself already reaching your goals. Never lose sight of this vision.

Keep your vision in focus; experience it mentally. Dedicate a convenient time daily in solitude when you can think through and visualize the accomplishment of your goals.

  • Never give up. Remember, to step up into your dreams, you must take steps one day at a time in the direction of your dreams.

To get to the object of your desire, you must get to work on your objectives every day.

  • When you reach your goals, reach inwards to discover your next move, and reach out for higher goals – your potential is unlimited. As long as there is life within you, there is a purpose to live for.
  • Ultimately, commit your plans to God for Him to perfect them.

 Remember, let God use you to fulfill His plans rather than trying to use God to fulfill your plans.

Therefore, keep an open mind for His leading and be flexible if changes are necessary.

Our vision is limited but God sees the end from the beginning and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ever ask, think or imagine. We can trust Him with our lives.

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