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MENTAL DIET: How To Develop The Winning Strategy (PART 6)

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“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan”



To reach a destination, you must determine the set destination; you must know where you are and begin from where you are to chart your course to where you want to be.

Planning is a tedious task and may not be easy but it eases life’s journey. You can’t reach a destination that you don’t have. And even if you have a destination you are aiming for, you will be unable to reach your destination if you don’t know where you are to begin.

 Therefore, you must know where you are and where you want to go in order to begin the journey.

  1. Write down your goals:

Below are the important areas for goal-setting for wholesome and fulfilling success.

  1. Personal Development Goals

Spiritual goals – Bible Study, meditation, prayers, retreats.

Education goals – Courses, reading, consulting.

What you aspire to be, do, and have.

  1. Relationships

Family goals

Personal – friends (local and long distance), mentors.

Business goals – Staff, colleagues, clients, partners, mentors.

  1. Physical and Health Goals

Exercise program, nutrition.

  1. Career and Business Goals

Partnership, new products, services, sales, expansion, new ventures

  • Financial Goals

Savings program, investments, and growing your assets.

  • Recreation

Vacations, trips, reunions.

  • Contribution

Charitable, mentoring, community, church.

  • Why do you want to accomplish the goals?
  • How badly do you want it? Are you hungry to make a difference in the domain of life? or do you want to accomplish your goals for self-glory and fame?

Do you want to be a part of the solution in the world? Do you want your life to become a blessing and a gift to the world, elevating humanity?

  • Develop the right motivation and a burning desire to accomplish your goals.
  • What will be the consequences or benefits of accomplishing your goals?

–           Enumerate the benefits of accomplishing your goals

–           How will accomplishing your goals change the quality of your life?

–           How will accomplishing your goals impact the lives of others?

  • What are the obstacles you must overcome to accomplish your goals?
  • List the internal obstacles you must overcome to accomplish your goals such as negative emotions and attitude, negative habits, or self-limiting beliefs.
  • List the external obstacles you must overcome to accomplish your goals such as financial limitations, rejection, and adverse circumstances.
  • What are the resources and people you need to help in the realization of the goals?
  • List out specifically the individuals, organizations, or specialties of the people you need to actualize your goals.
  • List the material resources required to meet your goals.
  • What knowledge, training, and skill is required to accomplish the goal?
  • Write down the specific knowledge, training, and skill-set that you need to acquire which is required to accomplish your goals.
  • Develop a workable plan to gain these requirements and schedule time daily to acquire these requirements with dedicated work and practice.
  • Do you have a specific work plan to accomplish your goals?
  • Write out the specific things or tasks you need to do to accomplish your goals.
  • How do you intend to go about doing what is required to accomplish your goals?
  • Schedule specific time daily to work on accomplishing these specific tasks required to accomplish your goals.
  • Do you have a specific deadline for the realization of the goals?
  • Set a timeframe for the accomplishment of each goal and work daily towards accomplishing the set goals.

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