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“Faith in one’s mission in the conviction that the Creator has given us the power to realize our life call, as it is written in our blood and stamped on our brain cells- is the secret of all power.”


Faith is acting on your convictions that flow from the Divine Mind. Our understanding of our divinity launches us into the domain of faith and consequently into the world of possibilities.

What you expect determines what you obtain. When you get into faith realm you get into harmony with God. Norman Peale unravels, “There is no limit to what God will give to those who practice His laws”.

Frank Wright observes, “The thing always happens that you really believe in. And the belief in a thing makes it happen. And I think nothing will happen until you thoroughly and deeply believe in it”.

Faith is the foresight that sees the light in the darkest hour of life. Faith fashions the mental picture that transforms into the actual picture of your life.

When you build-up faith, you break out of the limitations of life. Right thinking and radiant living is a by-product of faith.  

For faith to become your ally, the mind must be dominated by positive emotions. The entrance of negative emotions into the mind is the exit of faith. Faith thrives in a mind dominated by love. Gratitude nourishes the seed of faith.

To be faith-full you must empty your mind of hate-full thoughts. Practice daily emptying your mind of all negative thoughts by affirming, “I empty my mind of all doubts, resentments and all negativity. I flood my mind with thoughts of faith and possibilities”. You feed your mind with good, clean, powerful possibility thoughts.


 There must be a purpose that you want to achieve or accomplish. Faith cannot exist without a desire, goal, or purpose. For faith to be effective, your goals or purpose must harmonize with God’s will or laws. Only then can you take God as your guide and Infinite Partner in life.

A lifestyle of faith necessitates taking God into partnership. We must realize our oneness with God and that we are also co-creators with God.

 “If you take God into partnership, you know that you must be clean and pure-minded. You know that you cannot indulge in low, sensual pleasures. You know that you cannot do anything which will degrade another or push further down one who is already on the downgrade. If you take God into partnership, you cannot despoil or desecrate His creature. He is your brother; she is your sister. You cannot take advantage of God’s child and have God for a partner because you will then be working against Him instead of with Him. When you realize that you are one with the Greater Mind, you will naturally take God into partnership and work in perfect harmony with Him”.


 You must focus your thoughts on that purpose until it becomes your dominating thought and a burning desire. You must guard your mind with all intensity of belief and act as if you are already in possession of that which you have desired.

Mentally picture yourself accomplishing your goals worthily and unselfishly. Expect that events will work out for your good. Let your faith be rooted in love; emit love into the universe.

Forget yourself long enough to release love towards all people; live generously.

Norman Peale exposes, “Think, believe and visualize success; keep on believing as long as you live”.

You must give sound to your aspirations. Affirm aloud daily what you want to be, do and have, with great belief and expectancy.

Faith should be rooted in the omnipotence of God and in our connection with Him. Such faith is orchestrated when we are in communion with God through prayers and becoming a partner with Him in life’s journey.

Faith in God, Faith in yourself and Faith in your life’s purpose is what will make your life powerful and invincible.

In life, you either travail in fear or you triumph in faith. If we must move forward, we need to think upward; faith arouses the upward thinking power.

We cannot become more than we believe we are; we cannot do more than we believe we can do; we cannot have more than we can mentally receive.

Your life rises according to the level of your faith and faith is the anchor that holds your life in the success domain. 

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