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MENTAL DIET: How To Secure The Winning Position

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“We can’t cross until we come to it, but I always like to lay down a pontoon ahead of time.”


Everything about your life is a product of the decisions you have made or the decisions that were made for you. You must always live in the awareness that every choice or decision you make has its attendant consequence – positive or negative.

Every action you take produces rippling effects that manifest in your destiny sooner or later. And of course, every action begins with a thought. When you entertain a thought and dwell upon it, actions will flow from it according to the nature and kind of thoughts harbored in the mind.

To abdicate responsibility for our life’s decisions to another implies planning to lose. Until we take take control of our life’s decisions someone else will.

However, to take control of our major life’s decisions though it is the first step towards planning to always win does not mean you may have the rules or information to make the choices for your destiny.

We must bear in mind that decision-making is based on the information we have at our disposal regarding the available options that we are aware of.

In this era, we have an overflow of information. Howbeit, abundant information and knowledge alone cannot equip us to navigate through life successfully.

 In fact, it can distract, confuse, overwhelm, and lead us astray into making error-laden decisions that will cause us to lose the game of life.

Wisdom is needed to sift through the overflow of information to engage in the right application of the knowledge of the truths in our decision-making.


 The distinction between truth and error is the thin line between playing the game of life to win and playing the game of life to lose.



To make winning decisions and attain success you must learn to respond to events or situations rather than react to events. To achieve this, self-control must be developed.

Even with the best plan to achieve success, life comes with its disappointments, delays, rejection, etc. What you do when the inevitable occurs determines if you will emerge as a winner or lose.

To every seemingly negative event that you may be faced with, calm down and ask quality questions – why did this happen? Did I play any part in causing it? What can I learn from this event? Can there be any advantage or benefit that can emerge from this? What can I  do differently if I’m involved in a similar situation? Is there any possibility of me remedying the situation?

However, reacting in anger can cause severe damage that can stall success. When you make a permanent decision in a temporary situation you permanently lose.

This too shall pass if we pass through it to emerge better rather than bitter.    

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