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MENTAL DIET: How To Develop The Winning Strategy (PART 2)

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“A man as a general rule owes very little to what he is born with a man is what he makes of himself”


You can’t seize a prize you can’t see. Spectators cheer and jeer. They even “dictate” to the players how they could have played to win – they seem to “know” the strategy of winning when it comes to advising others but their lives are desolate of any win and worse of all, they have no hope of winning since they are not even in the game but are mere spectators.

The game of life is not for the fearful who believe in fate rather the game of life is for the faithful who believe they can create the life they want to lead.

Many people live in a reaction when they habitually let life happen. Hence, they become chronic losers in the game of life. Few people make life happen by creating the life they want to lead. Therefore, they become crucial winners in the game of life.

Winners live by design; when you live life by design you sign the winning bid.  The losers live life by default –when life is lived by default, destiny becomes faulty.

To become a winner in the game of life and keep at it, you must plan to win. You plan to lose when you don’t have any target to hit and you don’t have any road map that directs the success journey.

You set yourself to fail when you get married without a plan; raise children without a plan; start a business without a plan; or begin a career without a plan. In fact, running the affairs of life without a plan is running headlong into the dungeon of failure. A life without a plan is disorganized and a failing life. To fail to plan is to plan to fail.  A definite and workable plan works out success.

It seems everybody wants to succeed but only a few people have a specific plan to attain success. Life is not a tournament for the fearful but rather an ornament of strength for the faithful to steer the course, stay the course, and complete the course.


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