“I am particularly intrigued, but not at all surprised by the title of Udeme’s book, Fearless. I have always known her to be a fearless person in pursuit of her dreams. I still remember how years back, she took the plunge to travel all the way from Bayelsa State to attend our School of Eloquence premium public speaking master class in Lagos State. Such was a decision marked by fearlessness, knowing what she earned at the time as a customer service staff working for a telecoms support company in Yenagoa.

A few years later, she would call me to let me know she was leaving the job and whatever ‘security’ it offered to pursue her passion for motivating others, through the speaking skills she had developed. It takes being fearless to leave the comfort of the known and take a blind dive into the unpredictable arms of the unknown,and Udeme was willing to oblige.

At her level, she has proven to be an embodiment of the message she shares in this inspiring book. In her own way, she has been there and done that, and this earns her a listening by all who would read this book….”.

UBONG ESSIEN CSP (West Africa’s First Certified Speaking Professional). Nigeria’s Mister Motivator & Dean, School of Eloquence.

Is fear holding you back from living your dreams? The fear that holds you back causes setbacks but you need a setup action plan that immobilizes fear and mobilizes your destiny forward in living your dreams.

Get Ready To Embark On the Fearless Journey

The fearless journey is a step and a day at a time.

It is the little steps that accumulate to make quantum leap progress. You conquer fear one act at a time – one day at a time.

The fearless journey does not mean that fear will never show up but that you will get to show up in living your dreams, irrespective of how you feel.

The fearless journey means you won’t permit fear to rule or dominate your life.

To be fearless does not necessarily mean that you may never fall into fear but that you will get up with faith to fight to win rather than sink into defeat.

To be fearless is to become aware of your fears and awaken to your responsibility
of subduing fear through your actions.

To be fearless is a call to be alert, active, watchful, and vigilant to knock out fear at its onset before it becomes a foothold and gains a stronghold in your life.


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FEARLESS will help you bid goodbye to the bondage of fear and reveal to you proven principles of a limitless life including how to:

  • Become unstoppable and soar to the peak of your destiny.
  • Gain emotional stability and enjoy peace of mind
  • Break out of limitations into the world of possibilities.
  • Block the avenues of negativity from intruding into your life and attract positivity and possibilities.
  • Triumph despite the odds and seize your dreams.
  • Broaden your horizon by expanding your outlook for a limitless destiny.
  • Rise above fear in all its ramifications and live your dreams unapologetically.

This book, ‘FEARLESS’ is your guide to overcoming fear and maintaining your victory over fear to become all that you were created to be – living courageously; accomplishing audaciously beyond your wildest dream. The Fearless life is limitless.

Udeme Archibong is a prolific writer, an astute communicator, and a model of excellence. Her writings have made a profound impact on thousands of lives around the world and her blog: www.successrecipeblog.com, has followers in over 90 countries across continents of the world.

She is a Self-Development Expert, who passionately works toward helping people maximize their potential. A former columnist with Pioneer Newspaper (Akwa Ibom State Newspaper) in Nigeria where she began her writing career.

At some point, she moved on and was a motivational columnist, writing Success Recipe and Destiny Catalyst, for two Nigerian national newspapers, Vanguard and ThisDay. She had also been a radio presenter, hosting the Success Recipe program.

Udeme Archibong is the author of several books and her recent work FEARLESS is an action book needed to stall the negative actor – fear from your life. It’s a book to read many times to ascend and be sustained at your New Normal – FEARLESS.