“Success is purpose revealed, the outflow of love to others and the pursuit of growth in every area of life”


Until success is rooted in love, nurtured by purpose and nourished by growth it becomes an illusion that leaves life in misery.

Enduring success originates from the inside-out. When life is lived from the outside-in, it becomes an arena of struggle and defeat. Your capacity to do is determined by your capability to become. Next level thinking precedes next level living.

Whatever you get on the outside without growing to reach it on the inside, you will lose. You can’t attain on the outside what you have not yet attained on the inside. Success is the reserve of those who become before setting out to do.

Success is a state of being before cascading to the state of doing which produces the state of having. Your capacity for success is rooted in your capability to grow to become.

Never strive to get rather strive to become and you will thrive at getting. 

To get rich, become rich

To get healthy, become sound

To get friends, become friendly

To get a prize, become a winner

To get promotions, become indispensable

To get results, become productive

To get interesting, become interested

To get better, become better

To get success, become successful.


The state of your mind creates the state of your life. To alter the state of your life, you must alter the state of your mind. To re-set the course of your life you must change your mindset.

Trying to prove who you make you lose the essence of who you are. Success is not derived from your performance rather success is derived from your essence. You may lose your performance but you can never lose your essence. Therefore, success is who you are.

I’m in love with the way John Maxwell and Anthony Robbins defines success and I will state them respectively: “Success is knowing your purpose, growing to reach your maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others”; “Success is the on-going process of striving to become more, it is the opportunity to continually grow emotionally, socially, spiritually, physiologically, intellectually and financially while contributing in some positive way to others”.

Let’s examine the keywords in both definitions which are: “Purpose”, “Growth” and “Others”.

Until you discover and pursue the purpose for your life, life will be meaningless irrespective of whom you know, what you know and what you own. The journey of life can only be completed successfully by those who are living out their purpose.

Can there be meaning to life? Why were we put on earth? Are we just biological creatures to make a number in the world? How significant are our lives? Or are we caught in an activity-driven trap? How valuable are we to the world? If we had never existed will the world fare better or will it get worse?

We are not mere biological creatures, but we are creatures of destiny. Therefore, quit comparing yourself with others and refuse to be conformed to the expectations of others.

Your abilities, personality, and experiences have been designed to fit into your peculiar purpose. Your timing and seasons in life are also different from those of anyone else, and because you are distinct from anyone else, your purpose and blueprint for accomplishing your purpose are distinct.

Therefore, living your life based on the script handed to you by your parents, friends or society only dampens the manifestation of the real you. Consequently, a fulfilled life remains elusive.

The purpose is solving the specific problem you were created to solve on the earth. Purpose entails maximizing your gifts and potentials for the benefit of self and others. The purpose is becoming a gift to the world. At the core of purpose is a heart full of love.

The purpose has two focal points which are: character and contribution-investing in you and investing in others. You can’t make the most out of life until you have made the most out of yourself. And you can’t give others what you don’t have. Therefore, character development is the foundation of a meaningful life.

If you want to have a great marriage, great career, great relationships with people, a great life then pursue character development above personality evolvement. It is critical to note that character development and contribution to life should be a lifestyle and not an event.

The surest way to develop character is to grow daily in unconditional love towards yourself and people. Improve yourself daily.

Take some time and enumerate your assets; talents, strengths and go to work on yourself; consistently refine your gifts and talents and develop your skill-set.

Identify your character weaknesses and work to replace them with corresponding virtues.

Examine yourself weekly and consistently work to improve on yourself on a daily basis.

Everybody has a gold-mine within but only a few people discover, explore and maximize the wealth within. Everyone in the world was born with some degree of ability, gifts, and talents which we can call intelligence.

There is a need to identify, develop and maximize our potentials or intelligence by taking an introspective view of our strengths, passion and what we love to do because therein reflects what we have been wired or born to do. And when we become fully engaged in what we have been wired to do, it produces inner fulfillment.



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