A common misleading perspective of viewing success is thinking that if one accomplishes a goal or has a relationship with the right person one could be regarded as successful. But this view of success could be very frustrating as it does not guarantee success.

Success is not just reaching a goal or gaining an achievement. When you have nothing to reach for, you will have nothing to live for. Consequently, death sets in. The greater your goals, the greater will be your guts. Your goal should not be to retire but to get re-fired.

Goals are not terminal destinations but rather it is a territorial destination. And as long as you live there will be more territories to reach for, to conquer. It is worth noting that progressively reaching only positive goals that benefit self and others sums up success. However, reaching negative goals that are inherently selfish and gotten at the expense of others equates to failure.

Achievement does not equate to success. It is who you become in the process of achieving that spells the difference between success and failure in life. Unless private victories precede public victories, we gain victories that are empty.

The remarkable quality of worthwhile achievement is the conception of an idea(s) conceived in love; for service, for creating, building, and elevating humanity.

This kind of achievement results in a value for all. Any achievement which inflates the ego, founded on selfishness or self-centeredness is a mirage. In the success domain what counts is a disposition rather than position.


It is not about knowing the right person but becoming the right person. It is not about accomplishing your goals but rather it is the kind of person you become in the process of accomplishing your goals. Personal growth and development should be the by-product of accomplishing your goals.

Circumstances do not make success or failure out of people but rather people make success or failure out of themselves through the circumstances or conditions of life.

Circumstances do not define who you are and what you can do or what you cannot do but rather circumstances reveals who you are and what you can do or what you cannot do.

Your circumstances don’t define you. It can refine you when you maximize it. Success is not found in your circumstances but rather success is found in what you make out of the circumstance and the kind of person you evolve into. Therefore, success is not determined by circumstance.

Success is not having it all. You cannot become everything; you cannot do everything, and you cannot have everything. However, you can become the person you were created to be, you can do everything that you have been assigned or wired to do, and you can have everything needed to fulfill your purpose on earth. If you try having it all, you will lose it all.

Success is not maintaining the status quo. Success cannot be inflicted with the “destination disease” that is rooted in the “I have arrived” mentality. When you maintain the status quo, you retain mediocrity.

Success entails constant and never-ending improvement. Unless you improve in every area of your life, you become impoverished in that area.

Success is not avoiding criticism. In fact, if you really want to avoid criticism, then be nothing, say nothing, do nothing, and have nothing. And you know this will eliminate your existence.

When you launch out of your comfort zone to make a mark in the world, you will attract erasers. However, there are two kinds of criticisms: constructive and destructive; justified and unjustified.

Whenever any criticism is being meted out to you, examine it. Ask yourself with sincerity: does this criticism contain an element of truth? If yes, be humble enough to make positive changes. If it does not contain an element of truth, discard it and forget it.

Success is upheld by those who have developed a tough skin that can take destructive criticism without being bitter, angry, defensive, and distracted from their purpose.

Keep your mind focused on the things that are important and valuable and not on your critics. Remember, in the game of life critics never win but only those who make the most out of life lay hold on to the prize.



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