“Private victories precede public victories”

  • Stephen R. Covey

Metal such as Aluminum and steel in its raw state has only potential value and it cannot really be useful to anyone. However, if you take the aluminum or steel to produce utensils, its value appreciates. Utilize the same aluminum or steel in manufacturing automobile it will command a higher value than the utensil.

On the same vein, use the aluminum or steel in the manufacturing of aircraft, it will command far greater value than the utensil and the automobile.

The difference is not in the aluminum or steel but rather the difference in value lies in the use to which the metals are utilized.

It is worthy to note that utilizing the aluminum or steel in the manufacturing of aircrafts requires a higher level of preparation time; knowledge and skill than utilizing the aluminum or steel in producing utensils or other lower value products.  So it applies to human potentials.

Research at Stanford University concluded that the average person utilizes only about 2 percent of his or her mental abilities, based on the studies of the neocortex, the “thinking brain” of the human being.

Psychologists assert that the average person uses about 2-5 percent of his or her mental ability. In reality, it takes more than a lifetime to fully maximize human potentials but rather unfortunately the majority of the people are merely existing in a survival mode and eventually exiting from the surface of the earth without the chance of living full and dying empty, because of the choice of lack of self-discipline and ignorance of their true self-worth.


You are loaded with unlimited potentials. However, unless you explore and maximize your potentials there can be no benefits to others and no reward for you. The use to which you channel your abilities determines the value you command or attract in life.

The kind and quality of value you create in life will determine the quality and quantity of your reward. And when the value you create is of an excellent quality with an ever increasing quantity of product or spread of your service to serve the needs of people, your reward will grow progressively to become massive.

The difference between great successes who are maximizing their potentials in creating great value in the world and the average person who only utilizes minimal of his mental ability and living in mediocrity is a function of long term perspective – the ability to sacrifice many hours or years preparing; studying and upgrading skills in order to maximize potentials and enhance self-value. This demands self-discipline.

On the reverse: the average person spends most of their time in aimless socializing, gossiping and other petty and self-sabotaging activities, even their work time is not maximally utilized productively –all these are the product of lack of self-discipline.

The average person desperately wants his or her circumstances to change but the individual is unwilling to change the actions; rather than changing the actions that created the circumstances, the individual becomes a loser in the game of life.

The average person is more concerned with personal enjoyment rather than personal improvement; the individual revels in immediate gratification without thinking of the long term consequences of their actions or behavior. However, successful people are committed to engaging in actions that produces positive long-term consequences or rewards.

It’s hard to form the habit of self-discipline but it makes life easy to live with. It is easy to engage in the habit of lack of self-discipline or lack of self-control but it makes life hard to live with.

The good news is that when self-discipline is cultivated or developed it becomes a habit which makes it your new normal and it becomes easier to practice self-discipline; you will feel uncomfortable reversing into the low-life of lack of self-discipline.

The choice is yours to make. Choose the Power that turns on your Success Drive – choose self-discipline.



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