“Whosoever conquers self has nothing else to conquer”

  • Udeme Archibong.

Life is continuously in a motion state. The universe is a cycle of changes; the day changes to usher in the night and the cycle continues; spirals of seasonal changes continuously occur. Change and motion are interrelated. Life is never static and because life is never static, change becomes inevitable. Change could be progressive change or it could be retrogressive change.

Every life is driven by some force either by an internal force or an external force; it is either controlled by the environment or it controls the environment. No life can really be in a stagnant or static state –it is either in a progressive state or it is in a retrogressive state.

The world more than ever before is engulfed in changes. And these changes necessitate the right motions lest life becomes crippled with retrogressive changes. We can either initiate the changes we want or we complain about the changes that happen; we can both anticipate changes and prepare for it or we can become passive spectators and watch change erode our lives;  we can respond positively to changes that happen or we can live in negative reaction to changes that happen. Whatever the case may be, there must be motion and there must be changes.

You are absolutely in control of the changes within you and the motions that follow which determine the changes in your outer world. Your ability to control the changes within you is the power to direct the changes around you. Until you can control the changes within you, you will be unable to direct the changes around you.


Your ability to intelligently and wisely control and direct your thoughts to work for you rather than against you is the power to turn on your success drive.

This is huge and worth repeating: Your ability to intelligently and wisely control and direct your thoughts to work for you rather than against you is the power that turns on your success drive. And the power that turns on your success drive is called self-control.

Unfortunately, the mass crowd of humanity does not grasp this vital truth and many will never come to the recognition and realization of this truth. On the reverse: The inability or neglect to intelligently and wisely control and direct your thoughts to work for you rather than against you, automatically turns on the failure drive that makes life run off course.

As I write this, I quiver: Lack of self-control is a deadly trap. It has destroyed many lives; wrecked the health of many; it has wrecked marriages and families or at least reduced the relationship into a miserable and enduring state; it has crumbled businesses and finances; it has disrupted peace of mind and drained the joy of living; it has wrecked opportunities for growth and advancements; relationships have been torn apart; it has produced drastic failure in parenting and in leadership at all levels of life.

Lack of self-control is a subtle but deadly trap that lures and entices the feelings into self-sabotaging behavior that its effects may not always be evident in the short term but it sure manifests in the long term of life.

The nitty-gritty of success lies in self-control; your ability to carefully choose your thoughts to aid you in living and accomplishing your best; the ability to think your own thoughts rather than dwelling on the negative suggestions of others and permitting only the suggestions that you desire to influence you; the ability to own your mind and taking absolute responsibility of what goes on there rather than letting others “think” for you and accepting opinions that derails your life’s course; the ability to focus on what you want rather than on what you don’t want or the circumstances around you.

Self-control produces the exercise of self-discipline. Self-discipline is the fundamental secret of success.  This is the power that turns on Success Drive.



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Udeme Archibong is a prolific writer, an astute communicator and a model of excellence. Her writings have made profound impact on thousands of lives around the world through her blog:, which has followings in over 70 countries in continents of the world.

She is a Self-Development Expert, who passionately works towards helping people maximize their destinies.

At some point, she was a motivational columnist, writing Success Recipe and Destiny Catalyst, for two Nigerian national newspapers, Vanguard and ThisDay, respectively. She is the initiator of the Revolution Series Seminars