• A harmonious life is the instrument in which the symphonies of life are played into sweet melodious sound that unravels the beauty of living.
  • Good reading makes for good thinking and good living.
  • When you control your thinking you direct your life.
  • The mental chamber is the jurisdiction that sentences life to bondage or release.
  • To change the entire character of our minds is to change the entire outcome of our lives.
  • When we take possession of our minds we take possessions of our destiny.
  • Fakers are a reflection of inner defect concealed at a distance but revealed up-close.
  • Your mind is the battlefield; guard it as if your life depended on it, because it does.
  • We become what we think and we behave what we believe.
  • Physical health; mental power and moral strength cultivate success.
  • Deep attentive thinking makes solutions attainable.


Timeless Gem

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At some point, she was a motivational columnist, writing Success Recipe and Destiny Catalyst, for two Nigerian national newspapers, Vanguard and ThisDay, respectively. She is the initiator of the Revolution Series Seminars