The visible world originates from the invisible world. We live in a world of cause and effect; the causal realm is the invisible realm and the effect is the manifestation in the experiential or physical realm. In other words, the outcome, result or the experiences we have in each area of our lives are the offspring of what is within us. This means that the outworking of life is always the product of the inner working of the human heart.

Our hearts (the subconscious mind) and soul which comprise of the conscious mind, our will and emotions constitute the invisible world which creates all human experiences, conditions of life and outcome in every sphere of life. Indeed, this invisible world is behind all human creation in the physical world; nothing can exist in the physical world or in our experiences without its connection to the invisible world. All of our words and behavior are linked and flow from the invisible world. Our words are creative; whenever we speak, we speak things into existence and our behavior or actions gives expression to whatever beliefs or ideas embedded or conceived in our minds and makes it tangible in the physical world.


Fear is a mental state that evolves into an emotional state. Fear is transmitted to the subconscious mind through the negative suggestions of people and other sources that you are exposed to,and when once those negative suggestions are accepted by the conscious mind, then fear takes root in the subconscious mind which creates its manifestation in our behavior, actions and inactions and the conditions of life.

Therefore, fear is the outcome of the buildup of negative thoughts accepted into the mind. When led by fear, life alters and falters. When you run in fear, it will ruin your dreams. Feel the fear and face it anywhere.

We can confront the past, deal with the present and face the future courageously.



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