A healthy root system is critical to a healthy fruit.  A root system that lacks adequate moisture, nutrients and a supportive environment required for it to thrive may just surviveas the roots will be weakened producing low quality fruits. However, when the root system is supplied with adequate moisture, nutrients and in a supportive environment, it thrives and blossoms into producing excellent fruits. So it applies.

Your success root or your self-concept requires as vital necessity adequate nourishment and a supportive environment to blossom into producing quality outcome in every area of your life. In the absence of adequate nourishment and in the presence of a non-supportive environment, your success root or self-concept becomes weakened and struggle for survival producing a non-desirable quality life.

Your success root or your self-concept which needs constant and continual supply of nourishment and a supportive environment for its roots to be strengthened necessitates a deliberate involvement on your part to make it possible. By default or when you become passive, your success root or self-concept deteriorates but by becoming alert and living as an active participant in your growth and development process can you strengthen your success root or self-concept thereby creating by design the quality of life you want to lead.

Until your success root is strengthened your maximum potential cannot be reached. Nothing shortchanges potentials as low self-concept.



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