A healthy self-love is the vital nourishment for strengthening your success root.  To love yourself is to recognize your true worth and value which is intrinsic and this is the vital nourishment for your success root or self-concept. To be an egotist or to have a superiority complex is to live in self-deception which is based on the assumption that you are extrinsically defined thereby anchoring your life and worth on externalities of life.  An inferiority complex is to live in self-depreciation, living below your potential.

To strengthen your success root is to think success; talk success; walk like success and dress like success. Self-doubt is a success killer and deteriorates the self-concept. Never confess weakness but rather profess your strengths and you will strengthen your success root. Build up a success-consciousness and you will dominate circumstances and destroy the root of failure in your life.

Study the truly successful people; let them inspire you to aspire to become all that you were created to be.

Recognize and live in awareness of the Divinity within who empowers you to succeed and equips you with the ability to make a difference in your life and in the world.


When you confront your fears you confound your fears and connect with confidence which unleashes success. To believe in yourself is to attract the confidence of others toward you. Positive self-concept is a product of positive self-expectation and your abilities which unlocks the manifestation of success.

Are you happy with your life? Or are you anxious about your life? How you feel about your life sets the stage of how you will live and how you live is shaped by either positive emotions or negative emotions. And your self-concept rises or falls according to the thermostat of your emotions which raises your success quotient or erodes your success possibilities.

Gratitude is the water supplied for the nourishment of our self-concept. Where gratitude abound success multiplies.

When you engage in self-development activities you make engagements with success but when you engage in self-defeating activities you disengage from succeeding.

Strengthening your success root or self-concept makes straight your access to a success to a successful life.    



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