The race of life is a game of equal opportunity for each human being on earth. Laws or principles are no respecter of persons; they work for whoever lives in harmony or in alignment with it because they are universal, timeless and self-evident. That implies that whoever you are and wherever you are, you may be at your lowest point in life or you may be high at the top, these principles work for every one without discrimination when it is applied.

The law of aerodynamics had been in existence since the beginning of time but the Wright brothers discovered it and worked in harmony with it in inventing the airplane which was a feat that was perceived as impossibility prior to the time. The law of gravity was discovered by Newton as he observed an apple fall off to the ground from a tree. The Wright brothers did not undo or wipe out the law of gravity rather they super-imposed a higher law which is the law of the aerodynamics and rendered the law of gravity impotent of enforcing its grip. As the plane takes off and begins to build up momentum, enabling it to gain the force to soar, the law of gravity is ever present to keep it pulled down to the ground. However, the law of aerodynamics is applied and lifts the airplane off the ground pulling it upward and forward thus defying the law of gravity. This implies that the lower law must give way to the higher law, when the higher law is enforced.

By default we are pulled and held down to the ground by gravitational pull. By design we break out of the gravitational pull and take off to take on life from a higher dimension. Unfortunately, the majority of people are held down to the ground by the gravitational pull that represents itself in fear, doubt and negativity. It is more risky to soar than walk on the ground. It demands enormous courage to attain heights. It runs contrary to our inclination to leave familiar environment, familiar association, familiar habits, and familiar thought patterns to the higher and wider horizon but unknown territories and get to explore them. Get into the company of the few who defy the gravitational pull of fear, doubt, complaining, excuses, blaming, self-pity and negative emotions to soar into uncharted territories and leaving their mark on it.


To have a high soaring destiny is not automatic but it is a choice that demands taking absolute responsibility for your life.  You are responsible to stay the course and make your goals or dreams happen. You are responsible to make life happen and it cannot be delegated. This erases the succor of the blame game as an escape route for the irresponsibility of letting life happen.  The blame game is founded on irresponsibility and it is a loser’s game. The choice to make life happen or let life happen is in our hands and it is personal responsibility that separates one from the other. The course of success is a commitment of daily pursuit that engages self evaluation of our personal growth and the discipline of personal responsibility to stay the course. Success is a cumulative process of deliberate actions-a life long journey in the pursuit of growth and excellence and not a one-time event or an overnight myth.

To maximize destiny you must keep the dream always in focus; growing to release your potentials. What’s your mission statement in life? Without a mission statement, you miss the state of life that makes for unparallel accomplishments. What’s your life’s cause? Without an over-riding cause which motivates you to fly higher, you will be content to do life on the ground rather than soar where you belong. The call of destiny demands your personal response, no one can respond for you. Therefore, no one but you can be held accountable for fulfilling your destiny.

Soaring to heights of accomplishments demands a mentality and a flight-consciousness and corresponding actions to lift you from the ground level to the peak level where you consistently soar through life; becoming all that you were created to be.                



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